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Did You Know...

... that Aerokart Deep Blue is once again looking at the Open Class scores?

Aerokart leader: Gavroches Maubeuge
posted Feb 23rd, 2013 - The scores on the newest leaderboard are coming from France where the Aerokart windtunnel in Paris is hosting the annual indoor competition. Two rounds were completed on Saturday, and the names of the three teams on the top of the leaderboard are not new to the NSL audience.

The current leader, Gavroches Maubeuge, has changed the team name for the same lineup, which is the second half of the French national 8way team. Julien Olek, Clement Martin Saint Leon, Bruno Perin and Thomas Perrin Gachadoat won the 8way silver medals for France at the Mondial Dubai 2012 and competed at two indoor meets last year.

In fact, Gavroches Maubeuge and Thunder had the same battles at the same events in 2012. The same French lineup won the Aerokart Championship 2012 over Thunder by three points (282 - 279) and defended this position successfully at the World Challenge 2012 (247 - 241). Gavroches is up by three points in Paris after two rounds, and both teams will compete again at the World Challenge 2013.

Aerokart 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassT.B.D.T.B.D.T.B.D.T.B.D.T.B.D.T.B.D.T.B.D.T.B.D.T.B.D.T.B.D.TotalAvg
1Gavroches Maubeuge (FR)2431--------5527.5
2Thunder (BE)2329--------5226.0
3Aerokart Deep Blue (FR)2128--------4924.5
World champions of 2010: Aerokart Deep Blue
Aerokart Deep Blue is in 3rd place and not far behind Thunder. The former French national 4way team in the female category is back for a reunion of the original world champion lineup of 2010.

Sophie Deremaux and Amelie Tirman bot defended their gold medals successfully in Dubai with the Aerodyne Deep Blue Defenders, while Berangere Duplouy and Francoise Simons-Hamouchi took a break to deliver their babies in 2011. Aerokart Deep Blue will also travel to Bedford for the World Challenge 2013.

The French 4way world champions of 2010 are used to measure their performance with the scores on the Open Class leaderboard. They did not have serious competition in the female category when they won their FAI gold medals. Now they have once again their eyes on Thunder and their French male competitors in 1st place, and the Aerokart competition does not have a female leaderboard. However, Aerokart Deep Blue has signed up for the female 4way category in Bedford and is waiting for a serious challenger there...

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