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Shamrock Showdown 2018 Information: Cessna Caravan and Twin Otter both available and confirmed as jump planes

Did You Know...

... that the three new French national 4way members competed in Paraclete's 8way event?

Damien Gouriou - Christine Malnis - Pierre-Emmanuel Balageas
posted Feb 9th, 2013 - The large French delegation at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2013, guided by the two 8way world champions of 2010, Martial Ferre and Damien Sorlin, did not have any 4way teams on the leaderboard. All French competitors and their guests competed only in 8way.

There were actually not too many participants who competed in both events. It was a very fast pace, and it was challenging for the few flyers with double duties to be well prepared for both events. Steve Lefkowitz (SDC Rhythm XP - Paraclete XP8), Josh Hall and Thiago Gomes (Just In Time - Paraclete XP8) and Carolina Turbo XP were the only top 4way players who competed in 8way, as well.

It was also interesting that the three new members of the French national 4way teams competed only in 8way. The new judging videos are showing Christine Malnis, Damien Gouriou and Pierre-Emmanuel Balageas in action with their 8way teams.

Paraclete XP Indoor 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
1Paraclete XP8 (US)2519261825232227262223323.3
2Bonjour Blue Sky (FR)2117271624192025202020920.9
3Maubeuge 8 Espoirs (FR)2218251826191822122020020.0
Perrine Sanchez, here with Sophie Deremaux and Remy Grandclerc
Christine Malnis was selected this year to join the French national 4way team in the female castegory. There were actually three open slots when Sophie Deremaux and Amelie Tirman left the team after defending their gold medals of 2010 successfully at the Mondial Dubai 2012, as world champion Stephanie Texier is also not coming back with the new national lineup.

Laurence Herve is taking back her slot that she already had in 2011. She was injured a few months before Dubai, and Sophie Deremaux stepped in to help out temporarily. Christine Malnis and Sophia Pecout are the two new members who the NSL News introduced on 14 January 2013.

Perrine Sanchez is actually the only returning Aerodyne Deep Blue Defender who won a gold medal in Dubai, even though she and Laurence Herve have trained and competed together throughout the 2011 and 2012 season. The Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2013 was probably Christine Malnis's last 8way performance for a while, as she has to focus fully on her 4way slot from here on.

Jeremie Rollett with Mathieu Bernier and Julien Degen in Dubai
The same counts for Damien Gouriou and Pierre-Emmanuel "Manu" Balageas. The NSL News explained on 31 January 2013 that France has a similar makeover in the 4way Open Class where only Mathieu Bernier and Julien Degen are coming back with the new national lineup. The story explained where the two new members are coming from.

Damien Gouriou and Pierre-Emmanuel Balageas competed with the French 8way team Maubeuge Espoirs at Paraclete XP, and the second video is showing the new French national 4way competitors in 8way action.

The 4way training will begin in April. Damien Gouriou and Pierre-Emmanuel Balageas will not have much time left to continue with the 8way team. The international competition in 4way is fierce, and France has to catch up with the top teams from the USA and Belgium as quickly as possible. The French plans for the 8way team are still open at this point in time, and national manager Jeremie Rollett will update the NSL News as soon as decisions have been made.

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Shamrock Showdown 2018 Information: Cessna Caravan and Twin Otter both available and confirmed as jump planes
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