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Did You Know...

... that Voodoo posted the highest South African meet average since Equanimity?

Voodoo lineup at the Mondial Dubai 2012
posted Feb 6th, 2013 - The Mondial Dubai 2012 had several internal battles at different parts of the leaderboard, and the NSL News has covered some of them. This time, the race for the final slot in the semifinals is the topic of the day.

The story on 1 January 2013 had shown what a great competition the four semi-finalists had with each other. Each of the teams had at least two highscores for a round. It was also a part of the race for the unofficial title of the amateur world champion.

However, the same four teams also had to protect their slots in the semifinals at the same time. Two additional teams were a part of this exciting competition in the upper third of the leaderboard, the Ravens from Austria and Voodoo from South Africa. The adjusted leaderboard after Round 8 shows how close those six teams were to each other and how they all participated in posting highscores between each other.

Mondial Dubai 2012Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9TotalAvg
Rank4way Open5,12,E6,D,B,KO,8,7N,13,1810,21,M19,H,11C,G,1,A20,9,1516,F,P,QTotalAvg
7Ex3mo 4 (IT)1724201417192218(28)151(19.9)
8Bardagi (SE)1726201416152317(24)148(19.1)
9Paratec-Saar (DE)1826211314162118(30)147(19.7)
10Rotor Out (AU)1425181517182217(28)146(19.3)
11Voodoo (ZA)1624191315162317-14317.9
12Ravens (AT)1823171517132216-14117.6
South African headquarters at Skydive Dubai
Rotor Out from Australia and Voodoo had this battle going from the very beginning of the meet, and it never became easier at any time. Both teams were separated by three points after Round 8, and the meet was over for Voodoo, while Rotor Out moved on into the semifinals. The stronger middle section won the slot (Rounds 4 - 6) for the Aussies.

It was still a great meet for the South Africans. The Voodoo lineup includes Colin Rothman who has competed at all World Championships of Formation Skydiving since 1999. His lineup in Australia 1999 was the next one for South Africa after Equanimity with Solly Williams and Gary Smith had won bronze medals for South Africa in 1997.

Voodoo team mates Dennis Parker and Colin Rothman then joined forces for the South African team at the World Meet 2001 in Spain. Vana Parker and Dave Sumpter completed the current Voodoo lineup in 2003.

Mondial Dubai 2012Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8TotalAvg
Rank4way Open5,12,E6,D,B,KO,8,7N,13,1810,21,M19,H,11C,G,1,A20,9,15TotalAvg
10Rotor Out (AU)142518151718221714618.3
11Voodoo (ZA)162419131516231714317.9
Voodoo is not yet where Solly Williams and Gary Smith were with Equanimity in 1997 (19.3) as this lineup has always trained and competed as weekend amateurs. However, the 17.9 average in Dubai is the highest result that a South African team has posted at a World Meet ever since the Equanimity days, and the scoring progression has gone up for years. The legendary 19.3 average is not that far away any longer.

Equanimity members Solly Williams and Gary Smith were in Dubai, as well, and the South African headquarters in Tent City was a good meeting point.

Voodoo keeps going and soon launches the team's 11th competition season. The team name is once again on the list for this year's World Challenge. It will be the team's 3rd consecutive visit in Bedford. Voodoo's indoor average has already gone up and above Equanimity's 19.3 with last year's 19.4 average. Outdoor might be next...

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