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Did You Know...

... that Saturday night was the Artistic Freeflying night at Paraclete XP?

Biggest audience on Saturday evening
posted Feb 3rd, 2013 - Saturday evening features traditionally the Freeflying festival at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2013. Eight rounds of 4way and eight rounds of 8way competition were completed when the Freeflying experts showed the audience how to use the whole space of the flying chamber.

The event actually includes VFS 4way, as well, and the NSL News will give the competition the deserved attention later on. The French Team4speed world champions won another battle over Nexus from Skydive Dubai. The VFS 4way teams were in the same turnarounds together with the 4way teams in the AAA/Open and AA/Intermediate Class.

The more artistic part of the 3-dimensional events follows separately in the evening and always draws the biggest crowd.

Trick flyer Ari Perelman
Antigravity XP won the VFS 2way competition, and the team members are no less than Josh D'Annunzio and Alex Verner, both sons of Tim D'Annunzio and Kirk Verner. They will also once again travel to Bedford and compete at the World Challenge 2013.

The Paraclete XP Indoor Championship and the World Challenge both include Dynamic 4way this year. The NSL Reality TV clip shows how this event works. It is an artistic event and not even close to the more structured VFS 4way. Josh D'Annunzio and Alex Verner had two Paraclete XP instructors in their lineup and won their second event.

The same D'Annunzio/Verner 2way also won the 2way Best Routine award. Alex Verner alone won the Best Trick this year. Rook Nelson was judging the artistic Freeflying events.

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