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Did You Know...

... that 8way teams have three new blocks and one new random formation in the dive pool?

IPC FS Chair Trude Sviggum at the open meeting in Dubai
posted Jan 27th, 2013 - The NSL News reported from the Mondial Dubai 2012 on 22 December 2012 that Trude Sviggum, Chair of IPC's Formation Skydiving committee and Polaris member, had invited IPC delegates, judges and competitors to join the open discussion that traditionally follows every World Meet or World Cup.

Trude Sviggum had just won her third medal for Norway at a World Championship of Formation Skydiving (Silver with 14.4 in 2001 and with 16.2 in 2003, Bronze with 17.8 in Dubai). She is one of the longest standing 4way competitors in the sport and has seen all changes of the rules in the same time period. She explained what was on the IPC agenda at the 2013 meeting in Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina, host of the World Cup and European Championship 2013.

One of the main topics of discussion at the Mondial Dubai 2012 was the penalty situation, which also became the topic of the NSL News story. The issue had not been on Trude Sviggum's IPC agenda in Dubai and was brought up by the audience. However, she forwarded it to the attention of the plenary at the recent IPC meeting: "There was also a proposal to return to the two point penalty. The committee proposed to look at this during the year and would come back to the Plenary next year with their findings and proposals."

Bronze medals with Polaris in Dubai
Reduced speed judging has finally made its way into Formation Skydiving competition. It was officially applied for the first time by the IPC in 2012 after years of testing it at major events, mainly at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship/Shamrock Showdown. It was used at both IPC competitions during 2012 (World Cup, Mondial) and was well received both by the judges and competitors.

The rules for reduced speed judging were now defined even more specifically to save precious judging time. The second viewing in full speed was removed at last week's IPC plenary meeting, and the judges go straight to slower speed after the first viewing. Here is the language of the revised rule:

The Judges will watch the video evidence of each jump (1) one time at normal speed to determine points in time. The moment of freeze frame at the end of working time will be determined at the first viewing. If a judgement call occurs, a second viewing of the jump will be conducted at normal or reduced speed between 70-90 percent of normal speed. At the request of the Event Judge a (3rd) third view of part(s) of the jump can be conducted at normal or reduced speed. The speed of the second- and third viewings (normal or reduced) will be determined by the Event judge. The Chief Judge will decide prior to the start of the Competition the percentage of reduced speed to be used for the different Events. The freeze frame from the first viewing will be applied on each viewing.
New Block 5: Crank - Crank
Minor dubbing adjustments for videographers
Another change in the rules now allows the teams to design their own sequence for the official training jump at an IPC sanctioned competition. So far, the judges would only evaluate a team's training jump if it was one of the two sequences that were offically offered by the judges.

The team videographers have to pay attention to a few minor technical adjustments. The freefall video equipment must now deliver a High Definition1080 type digital signal with a minimum frame rate of 25 frames per second, through a memory card (minimum class 10). This adjustment was caused by the problems that the attempted use of GoPro cameras stirred up in Dubai.

The 4way dive pool remains completely untouched by the IPC delegates. There has been enough evidence over many years that the current dive pool is working well and does not need any adjustments. However, the 8way fans have to learn three new blocks and one new random formation.

New Block 7: Nacho - Nacho
New Random Formation K: Crossbow
Block 5 ("Wagga - Wagga") has never been very popular, neither the judges nor the teams liked the moves. It was eventually replaced by "Crank – Crank", which will hopefully last at least as long as the 4way dive pool has been consistent.

The same counts for the new Block 7. "Nach - Nacho" replaces "Bipole Donuts – Bipole Donuts", and the "Nacho" is very similar to the "Stereo Bipole" of Block 12. The new block is surely easier to learn than the previous one. Block 21 ("Lego - Eye") has also been replaced by the new "Stereopod - Stereopod" maneuver that is similar to the old version. There is more work now for all eight team members after many years of little flying to do for the two center positions.

The use of a new "Crank" for Block 5 also required an adjustment for Random Formation K. The "Crossbow" of the 4way dive pool helps out and now finds it double version in 8way.

New Block 21: Stereopod - Stereopod
8way creeping at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2012
The dive pool changes are coming traditionally in the year following the World Championship of Formation Skydiving. IPC delegates, judges and competitors have one year to apply the revised dive pools and rules and then provide feedback to the IPC officials.

The 4way teams can move on as they are used to, even though the penalty situation at the "speed fests" are under scrutiny this year. The 4way judges should be able to post the scores even faster than before, as they are saving at least the 35 seconds of the second viewing in full speed.

The 8way teams who have signed up for the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2013 don't have much time to train the new blocks and random formation. They will get into action on the upcoming weekend. The first feedback of the new parts in the 8way dive pool may come very soon from Raeford. Trude Sviggum's summary of the rule changes can be downloaded here.

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