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Did You Know...

... that round five of the FSL April meet was identical with round three of the SSL March meet?

posted Jun 13th, 2005 - Round five of the Florida Skydiving League's April meet is now on NSL-TV. The April 16 weekend had the Southwest Skydiving League competing at the same time, and the meet videos of the SSL jumps will be added to the NSL-TV page next.

The overview of the April weekend's scores and the NSL-TV page also offer the first meet video of a Brazilian team. The NSL News story on April 15 reported the Brazilian plans to launch a league for 4-way competition.

Brazil So Pressao with round five - see video
The league organizers in South America used the NSL meet on April 16 for the first test run, and four AAA Class teams ended up with their results on the NSL scoreboard. One of the teams, Brazil So Pressao, provided the NSL-TV with a meet video of round five, which has now been added to the NSL-TV page of that weekend.

The Brazilian league organizers plan to run another test meet in July, which will be synchronized once again with the other four NSL events on the July 16 weekend.

Norway Arcteryx with round five - see video
The Norwegian national team Arcteryx posted its fourth round with a score in the 20's in round five of the FSL April meet in Lake Wales and had no direct competition on site. However, the Arcteryx members knew that both Airspeed 4-way line-ups competed in Eloy at the same time and were eager to compare the results after the meet. That was enough reason to stay focused throughout the whole 6-round meet.

FSC Wind Damaged and Z-Hills CTRL-Z continued with their AA Class battle at the FSL meet in Lake Wales. Both teams had tied their scores in each of the first three rounds, and the home team, FSC Wind Damaged, had taken a 1-point advantage in round four. The fifth round brought another tied score for both AA Class teams, and FSC carried the thin lead into the final round.

FSC Wind Damaged with round five - see video
The sequence of round five was identical between the AAA and the AA Class (F-20-9). The same sequence was already drawn earlier this year. Round three of the March 19 meet weekend, including the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005 and meets of the Southwest and Georgia Skydiving Leagues, had brought exactly the same sequence for AAA and AA Class teams.

Stay tuned, the SSL jumps of round five will follow soon.

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