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Did You Know...

... that the case study on Pete Allum's eligibility status is back on?

posted Jun 9th, 2005 - The NSL News reported of the "Pete Allum case" for the first time on December 24, 2004. The Christmas news announced Allum's plans to join the Italian national team Sinapsi PD. He has had resideny in Italy for several years due to his very popular coaching activities in the South-European country, as he confirmed with the NSL News in December.

However, there was a paragraph in the rulebook of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), which appeared to be an obstacle for Allum to be eligible as a competitor for the Italian national team at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving in Germany 2006. Rights of representation A citizen of a country may be issued with a FAI Sporting Licence to represent the NAC of that country, except that if a person has multiple nationality, he (she) shall not have represented a different NAC in any FAI airsport activities during the three years preceding the event concerned. A resident of a country who is not a citizen of that country may be issued a sporting licence to represent the NAC of his country of residence: 

a) In Second Category international sporting events; b) In First Category events, provided he has been a resident of that country during the three years preceding the event concerned, and he did not represent a different NAC in any FAI Airsport Activities during that period.

Any concerns seemed to be settled for the new Italian team when Max Bishop, Secretary General of the FAI, confirmed in an e-mail to Allum in December 2005 that he would be eligible for Italy in 2006. Allum and his new team had consulted Bishop on this issue before making serious plans for the future.

"...and have not represented the UK in any competition since then, no problem. We are not going to split hairs over a couple of weeks. As always, rules are capable of differing interpretation! Max Bishop Gen. Sec FAI"

The NSL News dropped the rule subject and continued with updates on the progression of the Italian team with the new line-up, including Pete Allum. The NSL News on January 28, 2005, offered a story of Sinapsi PD's first training camp in DeLand and the team's plans for the future. Allum's eligibility was not an issue any longer, the story covered exclusively athletic aspects.

Sinapsi PD at the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005
Sinapsi PD caught the NSL News attention again when the Italian team competed at the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2005. The NSL News story on April 4, 2005, commented the Italian team's highscore in round three. Other than that, there were only several shorter notes when new rounds of the Shamrock Showdown were shown on NSL-TV.

Despite FAI Secretary General Bishop's clarification in December, Pete Allum's eligibility status was obviously still not clear. In fact, Bishop reversed his December statement with an official FAI letter that was faxed to the Italian Aeroclub, with a copy to Italy's IPC Delegate Sara Sacchet, on May 27, 2005.


At a meeting of the FAI Air Sport General Commission (CASI) held in Lausanne on Friday 20 May 2005, a request for clarification of the above-mentioned paragraph was submitted by the International Parachuting Commission.

CASI decided that a resident of a country who is not a citizen of that country may obtain a sporting licence and represent the NAC of his country of residence in First Category events, provided that he has been a resident of that country during the three years preceding the event concerned, and that he did not represent a different NAC in any FAI air sport activities during that period.

CASI gave clarification that the 3 year period means, effectively, 1 095 days, and that the period is calculated from the closing ceremony of one event to the opening ceremony of the next. In the case of World Records, the date for calculation purposes will of course be the date of the record attempt.

We understand that the above ruling of CASI may have an effect on the composition of the Italian Team for the 2006 World Parachuting Championship, and we ask you therefore kindly to take note that this ruling over-rides guidance I had previously given.

Secretary General

Pete Allum, Sinapsi PD and Italy's IPC Delegate Sara Sacchet were surprised and not very happy when they heard the news. The question in the Italian headquarters was: what happened between December 2004 and the end of May 2005? The NSL News picked up the rule issue once again, took a closer look at the details and asked FAI and IPC officials for feedback.

IPC President Patrice Girardin was so kind to provide the NSL News with comprehensive feedback on the topic. The Italian Aeroclub has already filed an appeal against the recent ruling of the CASI (Air Sport General Commission of the FAI). The NSL News will continue with updates of the current situation very soon.

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