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Did You Know...

... that Monday's NSL-TV page and the leaderboard have the first video links set?

Monday morning in Eloy
posted Oct 20th, 2008 - The first meet videos have been uploaded, and the links are right on top of the scores on the leaderboard. NSL-TV will try to get as many as possible.

It is challenging since the three different judging panels bring three different screens to the audience, which has to pick which one to watch. The NSL-TV feed depends on what Omniskore master Tim Wagner has on his screen.

The NSL-TV camera captured scenes around the dropzone this morning. It was a beautiful sunrise in the desert, and the 6:45 am call for the Open Class teams created busy early morning activities in Eloy. The link to this video is posted below, and more videos of Monday's activities will be added here later.

The NSL News coverage of the USPA Nationals 2008 is brought to you with the help of:

NSL-TV Video Clips

Monday morning and first competition day in Eloy : click here

Shuttle service to the boarding area: click here

Interview with Larry Hill and Ed Scott: click here

NSL/PD Daily News Show on Monday: click here

More news clips from Eloy can be found at the PD Blog website.

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