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Did You Know...

... that Sinner G scored too high for the Rookie Class indoor competition?

Deb Coreia with Fun Sponge at the NWSL July meet
posted Aug 2nd, 2012 - The first meet of the virtual indoor competition between the Northwest Skydiving League at iFLY Seattle and the Florida Skydiving League at iFLY Orlando is over, and the NWSL delegation won the July showdown, as the NSL News reported on 30 July 2012.

The draw for the month of August is posted and has six new sequences for the teams and competitors of both league areas. The FSL delegation has scheduled the August Tunnel Kicker for next week's Tuesday evening and will begin to put together the best videos for the August showdown with the NWSL delegation.

NWSL teams and competitors first have their next outdoor competition scheduled for the upcoming weekend, which has a completely different draw for the traditional four categories. The Northern Plains Skydiving League will also post scores for the same outdoor sequences this weekend, while Deb Coreia prepares for her next meet in Snohomish with a very promising weather forecast. She provided an overview of the NWSL activities last month.

August 2012AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1NWSL/iFLY Seattle-------
2FSL/iFLY Orlando-------
NWSL Rookie Class delegation
Deb Coreia was glad that the Northwest Skydiving League came alive again this year after a long hiatus: "It was driven by the opening of iFLY Seattle last summer. With five teams signed up for the first outdoor event, we had a large pool from which to draw for the indoor competition." Most of the outdoor participants at the Juy meet also competed for the NWSL delegation later at iFLY Seattle.

Coaches Deb Correia, Dave Correia, Carolyn Chow and David Zhang were joined by eight Rookie Class flyers for 30 minutes of 2on2 tunnel training and the competition with Florida on July 17th. The participants were Jay Alspach, Kelli Alspach, Jack Davis, Andrew Gaiovyi, Ryan Lashbrook, Denis Pershakov, Wilson Ma and Erin Wenzel.

The groups were organized before they arrived, and the coaches planned 2.5-minute flying sessions for the NWSL 4way lineups. Deb Coreia explained that the coaches planned a "go to the top" signal by patting the top of their helmets. The rules allow the teams to restart during a session by holding the first formation for three seconds. The iFLY controller also helped by flashing the lights when there was one minute left in a session: "We could regroup and still had plenty of time to complete a 35-second round. This worked very well."

NWSL AAA - AA - A Class delegation
Deb Coreia said that the same coaches also brought in nine A to AAA Class jumpers for 30 minutes of flying time with one player coach on July 23rd. The participants for this session were Jay Alspach, Kelli Alspach, Monika Brunnenkant, Scott Callentine, Brittany Crolley, Nicolas Inzerella, Jason Richert, Paulo Resende and Andrey Ulanov.

"For this session, we did 1.5-minute flying time, since most of the fliers had done a fair amount of tunnel time already. With the delay video in the chamber, teams could watch their flight and receive input and corrections from the coach for the next session. Aside from the coaches, Scott Callentine was the only flier who had ever done Block 11, and only half had done Block 6, so that made the AAA sequence (K,6,11) a definite challenge for the group!"

Too strong for Rookie AA Class: Sinner G
In additional to these coached sessions, Sinner G (formerly known as Synergy), with Petro Ksondzyk, Andrey Marenich, Helen Ursachii and Anar Seyf in the lineup, submitted their own videos.

Sinner G competed in the Rookie Class at the NWSL July meet and finished with a total of 16 points and a 3.2 average after the 5-round meet. Deb Coreia explained that this team really began from scratch: "They truly are rookies. Andrew Marenich was pied for his 100th jump at the July meet."

However, NWSL director Deb Correia felt that some of their tunnel scores were too high to submit for the three Rookie Class divisions: "The unofficial score for their Rookie AA Class video was 43 points...!" She expects that Sinner G will quickly advance to the next level with some work on the exits. This weekend will bring the next NWSL outdoor opportunity for good exits from a real jump plane...

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