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Did You Know...

... that NSL-TV presents the three top teams with Round 5 in the tunnel?

posted Jun 21st, 2008 - NSL-TV has uploaded a special treat for the 4-way fans and the general audience. Round 5 of the indoor competition at the Paraclete XP Money Meet 2008 had the fastest sequence (H-9-F-M) of both events in Raeford.
Airspeed Odyssey, Golden Knights and Perris Fury with Round 5 at the Paraclete XP Money Meet - see video
It was breathtaking to watch the top teams at their highest level of concentration, and the NSL-TV camera caught the action live on site and from eye level at the Paraclete XP windtunnel.

Airspeed Odyssey, Golden Knights and Perris Fury opened each tunnel session with their next round. All teams had to deliver two rounds within one tunnel session. Three teams entered the flying chamber at the same time and took turns to complete these two rounds.

Paraclete XP Money Meet 2007
Fortitudo members at a dinner break
Rounds 5 through 8 were on the agenda of the tunnel competition on Saturday after the outdoor action. Each team had to enter the flying chamber two times within approx. one hour at the windtunnel. Paraclete XP was serving a banquet on site to keep up the energy level of the teams and competitors at the end of a very long competition day.

The performance of the three top teams was simply amazing, physically and mentally. 35 seconds can be a very long time with a fast sequence, and it would be challenging to avoid any flaws or possibly a serious meltdown. The three top teams together had only one infringement that was obvious enough for the judges to deduct a point (Perris Fury), while busts were really not unusual at all at the tunnel meet. The breakdown of the point deductions throughout Rounds 5 - 8 shows that once again:

Teiwaz (-9), Mass Defiance (-8), Paraclete XP (-8), Perris Fury (-6), Golden Knights (-4), Airspeed Odyssey (-3), Fortitudo (-3), Sebastian Tempest (-3), Danish Blaze (-1).

Airspeed Odyssey, Golden Knights and Perris Fury with Round 5 at the Paraclete XP Money Meet - see video
Perris Fury with Thomas Hughes and Airspeed Odyssey are tied in first place after eight rounds, the Golden Knights are only three points behind. Two more rounds will complete the tunnel meet on Sunday after the outdoor competition. NSL-TV will follow up later with more live videos of other rounds and also the official videos from the judging perspective.

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