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Did You Know...

... that UK team Wingnutz entered the third competition class in three years?

Satori at the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2008
posted Jun 13th, 2008 - The NSL News story on 9 June 2008 covered last weekend's competition of the United Kingdom Skydiving League (UKSL) in Netheravon. The first part of the story provided an update of Satori's current situation before additional information of the meet was provided by Chris Hollis, Formation Skydiving representative for the British Parachute Association (BPA).

Videos of the UKSL competition followed the meet information, kindly provided by CamScore, the DZ-TV and judging system that has also covered the World Challenge 2008.

The CamScore system has already made it to several skydiving centers in the United Kingdom where it provides the DZ-TV for the normal skydiving operation and the judging system whenever the UKSL comes to town.

Satori's Round 4 at the UKSL May Meet - see video
Wingnutz 2007 lineup
The first three videos are showing the team currently still on top of the AAA Class leaderboard, Satori, with the two highest scores of the meet, a 22-pointer in Round 4 (E-17-N-C) and a 21-pointer in Round 5 (D-J-5-3).

The third video features AAA Class team Wingnutz and the 13-pointer in Round 1.

Wingnutz, with Darren Atter (Center Outside), Chris Hollis (Tail), Jason Kierman (Center Inside), Vince Lam (Point) and Tom Hartland on camera in the 2007 lineup, competed at four UKSL meets (13.8 - 13.8 - 12.0 - 13.8) in the AA Class last year.

Wingnutz then competed for the United Kingom at the ESL Championship 2007 and had an 18.5 average after the first two and only rounds in Belgium on the scoreboard.

Satori's Round 5 at the UKSL May Meet - see video
Wingnutz 2008 lineup
Wingnutz competed in the A Class throughout the 2006 season (8.7 - 11.2 - 10.2 - 12.1) and was already the strongest team of the United Kingdom in this class. Then the same lineup took the top spot right away after moving up into the AA Class in 2007.

Tail Chris Hollis stepped back at the end of the 2007 season and was replaced by Karen Bain. Dave Head is on camera this year, and Wingnutz has stepped up one competition class once again. The move into the AAA Class brings the final and ultimate challenge with the complete IPC dive pool, and the competition is very strong in the United Kingdom.

Wingnutz' Round 4 at the UKSL May Meet - see video
Bodyflight Storm and Satori dominate the British AAA Class competition and are far ahead of Wingnutz at this point in time. However, the 12.2 average at the first AAA Class competition with the new lineup is surely promising. Three of the six rounds included memory and new block techiques for the team. NSL-TV will soon follow up with more videos of the other three competition classes.

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