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Did You Know...

... that the Paraclete XP Money Meet has an international field this year?

AAA Class awards in 2007
posted May 16th, 2008 - The 2008 season is almost a copy of the 2007 season for the NSL News so far, including the Airspeed meet odyssey of both years. FSL Shamrock Showdown 2008 - World Challenge 2008 - Paraclete XP Money Meet 2008, the first three major events of the NSL News 2008 tour are the same stops as in 2007.

There is a difference compared to the first months of the 2007 season: the participation has been growing. The NSL News story on 9 April 2008 had provided more details of the great news.

The early registration for the Paraclete XP Money Meet 2008 confirms this upswing. More teams than in 2007 have confirmed their attendance at this point in time. The AAA Class field is already larger and offers great competition.

Paraclete XP Money Meet 2007
AA Class awards in 2007
Six teams competed in the AAA Class last year, twelve teams are currently on Kirk Verner's list for the Money Meet 2008.

The jackpot of $14,000 is the same as in 2007. Airspeed Odyssey is the top contender for the first place.

The Paraclete XP Money Meey is once again a part of the Carolina Skydiving League season. Several local and regional teams from the Carolinas will compete in the AA Class and in the growing Rookie Class competition.

Rookie Class awards in 2007
The AAA Class field of 2007 included only US teams. This will be different at the 2008 event. Three other national teams, besides Airspeed Odyssey, have signed up for the competition in Raeford. Canada Evolution, Danish Blaze and Norway's female 4-way team Fortitudo will compete from the Pilatus Porter in Raeford. All other teams will use the Twinotter.

It will be a rematch for these four teams who posted their first scores of the 2008 season at the FSL Shamrock Showdown in March. Airspeed Odyssey, Danish Blaze and Fortitudo also competed at the World Challenge 2008 in April, while Evolution did not make the trip to Bedford. The Canadian team then competed at the FSL April meet, together with Danish Blaze.

Airspeed Odyssey and Golden Knights in 2007
Other AAA Class teams for this year's Money Meet are Mass Defiance, Golden Knights, CSC Rhythm, Paraclete XP, Hybrid XP, Centerline XP, Sebastian Tempest and probably Optic Nerve.

The meet weekend of June 21 is one of the busiest in 2008. There will also be 4-way competitions of the NSL Network in Florida, Mideast, Northern Plains, The Ranch, Virginia, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. It will be a very large leaderboard of the complete meet weekend. The Paraclete XP Money Meet will be the core event.

The NSL News will cover the event in Raeford live from the competition site as in 2007 and will follow up with more previews. Slots are still open for teams who would like to compete at the Paraclete XP Money Meet 2008.

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