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Did You Know...

... that the NSL SkyVenture Competition is back on for the 2005 season?

SkyVenture Orlando's Trevor Thompson and NSL's Kurt Gaebel
posted May 20th, 2005 - NSL and SkyVenture Orlando finalized the plans for the continuation of the NSL SkyVenture Competition 2005 right in time. The popular game has had all participating teams in pursuit of the SkyVenture tunnel certificates in the past years. The NSL Shugar/O'Connor handicap system has been applied, which gives each team the chance to contend for the prizes, no matter which performance level or competition class.

It was more difficult for SkyVenture's Vice President Operations, Trevor Thompson, to make the decision for the 2005 season, and it took more time for the final approval. NSL and SkyVenture Orlando invented the competition for awards after handicap years ago, and SkyVenture Orlando only provided the tunnel certificates.

SkyVenture certificate
Perris SkyVenture joined the NSL SkyVenture Competition in 2004 and made it easier for the west coast teams to use the rewarded free tunnel time. NSL and Thompson were not only hoping that Perris would continue after a successful 2004 season, they also offered SkyVenture Arizona to join the project.

Each involved party would have its benefits if all three wind tunnels participated. However, Perris and Arizona were both hesitant for different reasons. SkyVenture Orlando has experienced the great success of the project in the past and was ready to continue and share the benefits with the other partners and all teams.

Finally, NSL and SkyVenture Orlando's Trevor Thompson went ahead and decided to offer the game as it was played until 2003. SkyVenture Orlando will provide all the certificates, and the rules will be the same as before. The NSL headquarters will soon calculate the handicapped scores of the previous meets in 2005 and announce the winners, and the race for the certificates will add to the excitement of the upcoming meet weekend.

SkyVenture Orlando
Each competition class will once again be eligible for the NSL SkyVenture Competition. 10-minute certificates will be given to the winners of each class if less than five teams competed. 30-minute certificates will be sent to the winners of each class after handicap if more than five teams participated on any given meet weekend.

The handicap will be applied to the teams according to the scoring history of the 2005 season. Teams that have not competed yet will receive the handicap after the scores of the first three rounds at the first meet. More information and many handicapped scores will follow soon. The NSL SkyVenture Competition is on for this weekend, thanks to SkyVenture Orlando.

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