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Did You Know...

... that Perris Fury experienced an unplanned hybrid dive?

Perris Fury videographer Nik Daniel
posted May 7th, 2008 - The beginning of the 2008 season has already been quite busy for Perris Fury. The NSL News has covered the team activities with several stories. Most of them were related to the two meets that the California team has attended so far, the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2008 and the World Challenge 2008.

The Fury members also attended the first meet of the California Skydiving League 2008 season in Elsinore. Josh Hall competed with the Founding Fathers, Chris Farina and Christy Frikken were player coaches for Perris 4Shock. Fury videographer Nik Daniel was filming this team in Elsinore, as well as Perris Jimani and Perris Momentum. Christy Frikken was also filling a slot for Perris Jimani at the same event.

Southern California Skydiving League 2008 Meet 1 at Skydive Elsinore
Perris Fury works on Block 15
The original Perris Fury lineup completed six rounds at the Shamrock Showdown and finished with a 26.2 average in DeLand. The videos of all six Fury rounds can still be found at the NSL-TV page of this event.

The next stop on the Perris Fury 2008 tour was the World Challenge 2008 at Bodyflight Bedford in the United Kingdom.

This time, the original lineup completed all ten rounds and finished in 3rd place with a 26.1 average after an exciting 1-point race with the Norwegian national 4-way team Arcteryx.

Dirtdive for the TV commercial
There were also several other activities on the Fury agenda in the first quarter of the 2008 season. All team members are involved in the Perris Fury team project, which offers opportunities for 4-way and 8-way competitors. They also help managing and organizing the Perris Power Play event, which features sequences of larger formations.

Finally, additional projects keep the team members involved. A car manufacturer recently used skydiving for another TV commercial. The Fury members were part of a group that built a freefall formation for this commercial.

Perris Fury's Round 5 at the World Challenge 2008 - see video
I touched Christy Frikken
The Perris skydiving community also still celebrates the honor award that Fury's Center Outside, Christy Frikken, received from the Skydiving Magazine. She was selected as the "Skydiver of the Year" for 2007. Locals made and proudly wear a T-shirt that says: "I touched Christy Frikken".

Last not least, the team itself has to train, as well. The activities of professional skydivers don't make it easy to create an efficient training and competition schedule. However, Perris Fury managed to complete enough training sessions in the first quarter, as well.

Arcteryx' Round 5 at the World Challenge 2008 - see video
Shortly before impact...
The time period of the first months this year are documented on a DVD that Fury videographer Nik Daniel put together. It begins with a very interesting hybrid dive, which was probably not planned the way it happened. Fury was in the middle of a training jump, in fact at the inter to build a Photon for Block 11 (Photon - Photon), when a new colorful jumpsuit came into the frame.

There surely is a hole in the center of the Photon. However, it is probably not big enough for a skydiver to fit through it. It was probably not an attempt to jump the Photon's hole when the freeflyer ended up on the backs of the rear piece. The front piece was lucky and remained intact, while the rear piece took the hit and fell apart.

Perris Fury's video summary of the first quarter in 2008 - see video
The video summary of Fury's first quarter in 2008, including the special incident and a few other funnies, can be viewed by clicking here.
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