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Did You Know...

... that the quality of the SSL-TV is now up to the speed of round three?

posted May 18th, 2005 - NSL-TV has followed up with the SSL footage of the April meet in Eloy. Fortunately, the quality of the video files has followed the progression of the meet. Arizona Divewerkz member Paul Gatling was right when he mentioned that the quality will become better in the later rounds. The NSL story of May 6 covered the quality issue.

Gatling remembered that the VCR used for the dubbing procedure in Perris had "some serious flicker issues". Arizona Divewerkz tried to help the situation and provided the team's VCR for dubbing beginning in round two or three. Then the flickering stopped.

Airspeed Odyssey's round three - see video
It happened just in time that the quality of the NSL-TV files has come back to the point where viewing is hopefully a pleasure. Round three of the April meet had the fastest sequence of the 6-round event (P-Q-B-K-7), and the top teams took advantage of the opportunity to increase the point averages significantly.

Airspeed Odyssey and Velocity both finished the round with 30 points on the scoreboard. It was the first time in this meet that Airspeed Odyssey was really visible, due to the video problems in the first two rounds. Airspeed Velocity's earlier jump videos were of slightly better quality.

Arizona FTTTJ's round three - see video
Both Airspeed line-ups handled the first page on the hill cautiously and picked up the speed significantly with the beginning of the second page. The distance to the young Norwegian national team Arcteryx was only three points. However, these three points included the complete Block 7 (Side Buddies - Side Buddies), which adds to the actual difference.

A total of 11 teams competed in the AAA Class on the April 16 weekend, four teams in Eloy, three teams in Lake Wales and four additional teams in Brazil. The best Brazilian team, CTR Optimum, took the fourth position in round three with 18 points in working time. Teiwa-Z-Hills, Denmark Elements and Brazil So Pressao followed with 17 points, with the FSL team giving away three points on the hill.

Jamie Lindsay in Croatia with French national coach Jerome David
The sequence for the AAA Class was already the fastest one of the meet. However, round three was even faster for the teams in the AA Class. All five teams can now be viewed on NSL-TV with their ways how to handle a pure random sequence (P-Q-B-K). Arizona Divewerkz had the highscore with 15 points, which was not the SSL team's best jump of the meet. Divewerkz had already posted a score of 15 points for the slower sequence in round one (C-N-H-7). The best Divewerkz performance was probably the 14 in round five, which is still to come.

Arizona FTTTJ's round three caught special attention with a score of 13 points. The SSL team includes Jamie Lindsay who was the team leader for the U.S. Formation Skydiving teams at the world meet in Croatia 2004. The score of 13 points took the second place in round three, while FTTTJ ended up in fourth position at the end of the 6-round meet.

SSL team "Quake" won round three in the A Class with 10 points for P-Q-B and also finished in first place after six rounds. Quake's meet videos were not available. The "AZ Desert Dogs" represent the Southwest Skydiving League in the A Class, while "Zero Tolerance Miami" competed for the Florida Skydiving League. Enjoy the show and the fast sequences.

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