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Did you know that Top 4 on the AAA Class leaderboard are national 4-way teams?
posted: Aug 30th, 2015 It was a weekend of national championships, as 4-way teams from Belgium and Czech Republic competed for their national titles, while the 8-way teams in the United Kingdom had their turn at the same time. Belgium and Czech Republic synchronized their competition draws, and the overall leaderboard features a good mix in the AAA and A Class competition, while the Belgian 4-way teams dominated in the two other categories. The national 4-way teams did not have any serious challengers in both countries. NMP-PCH Hayabusa finished with an impressive 25.7 average at the second outdoor meet with new... (more)

Did you know that 4mula went from 4.0 in the Rookie Class to UK silver in AAA within six years?
posted: Aug 28th, 2015 The aftermath of the 4-way competition at the UK Nationals 2015 continues with the impressive story of the team in 2nd place, 4mula. There was not really a doubt that Satori XL would win the gold medals with the comeback lineup that included two former XL members, John McIver and Pete Allum. Satori won eight of the ten rounds with sole highscores and allowed 4mula and Vision 99 to tie the scores in Round 9, while 4mula even outscored the winner in Round 10. Satori XL will now begin making plans for the 2016 season and the... (more)

Did you know that the 8-way competition at the World Cup promises exciting battles?
posted: Aug 24th, 2015 The results of the poll for the competition in 4-way Women at the FAI World Cup 2015 were not a big surprise at all, and the Golden Knights are going into this new battle as the top favorite. The situation in 8-way is different in many ways. The outcome on the very top of the leaderboard is open, even though the 8-way world champions of 2012 and 2014, the Golden Knights, will compete with a well-trained team and seven reigning world champions of 2014. There is a big question mark behind the performance level of the French 8-way... (more)

Did you know that all UK teams are not done yet?
posted: Aug 23rd, 2015 The 70 teams at the UK Nationals 2015 needed both weekend days this year at Skydive Hibaldstow to complete two of the four 4-way events. The weather situation forces all AAA Class teams and several Rookie Class teams to come back on Monday for the remaining rounds. Only the AA and A Class leaderboards were complete on Sunday evening There are no big surprises in the AAA Class, as Satori XL became the top favorite as soon as the team announced... (more)

Did you know that M4trix won the Dutch 4-way gold medals last week?
posted: Aug 23rd, 2015 The Dutch Nationals 2015 were completed after ten rounds on the island of Texel last week, while the 70 British 4-way teams are trying to complete their own national championships in Hibaldstow. There were no surprises in the Netherlands. The 4-way experts of the Dutch 8-way team M8trix (Jaap Keuter, Leon van Leeuwen, Leander van Schriek, Mechie Voermans, with Kjeld van Druten on camera) won easily with the team's best outdoor average of 15.5 after ten rounds. The Sun Path Products NSL News had posted a preview of the Dutch Nationals 2015 and the World Cup on August... (more)

Did you know that Monaco Vitalsea won the 5th French 8-way title?
posted: Aug 20th, 2015 The French Nationals 2015 included an 8-way competition that a total of four teams completed after five rounds. The national championships in France have only the AAA/Open Class category for the 4-way and 8-way teams, while the Coupe de France events also offer the AA/Intermediate Class competition for more teams. Three of the four teams at the nationals had attended Coupe de France events earlier this year. Monaco Vitalsea and 8way Otter PCP competed at each of the three 8-way meets, bronze medal winner 8MBI Maubeuge attended the July meet before competing at the nationals last week. The... (more)

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