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Indoor Cloud LeagueAAAAAARRRRRR
October 2015Q,9,C,5E,21,7Q,C,7L,F,KM,Q,CM,E

SkyVenture Montreal posts Indoor Cloud League September highscore in R Class

Did you know that Junior teams Zeleny and Zluty have a lot of AAA Class homework to do?
posted: Oct 5th, 2015 The latest Indoor Cloud League scores and videos from the Hurricane Factory in the Czech Republic were posted shortly after the national indoor championships... (more)
The Thund8rbirds launched their 8-way project with a 16.3 average. Oct 4th, 2015
Belgium outscored the Czech Republic in five categories. Oct 3rd, 2015
Dallas Super Cup and Indoor Cloud League connected at iFLY Dallas. Oct 2nd, 2015

Sep 27th, 2015 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class   Total Avg
1 Thund8rbirds  BE  INT 163 16.3
2 Legendary 8  BE  INT 75 7.5
3 2Drunk2Hoppaaaa  BE  INT 63 6.3

league event date(s) host drop zone
Florida Meet 7 Oct 8th, 2015 iFLY Orlando
Florida Meet 8 Oct 10th, 2015 Skydive DeLand
Wind Tunnel Meet 18 Oct 21st, 2015 Hurricane Factory
Wind Tunnel Meet 19 Oct 22nd, 2015 Hurricane Factory
Wind Tunnel Meet 20 Oct 23rd, 2015 Hurricane Factory
NSL News Meet 5 Oct 26th, 2015 Skydive Arizona
Wind Tunnel Meet 21 Nov 14th, 2015 Poland
NSL News Meet 6 Nov 20th, 2015 Skydive DeLand
Wind Tunnel Meet 22 Nov 25th, 2015 Inflight Dubai
Wind Tunnel Meet 23 Nov 26th, 2015 Inflight Dubai

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Perris Alpha
AAA Class
Oct 22nd, 2008
Round 6
8 points


Michel Lemay
posted: Apr 1st, 2003

Michel Lemay is one of the most humble Formation Skydiving competitors in the history of the sport. He has been competing for over 30 years and is still performing on the top level in the world. His team Evolution placed 5th at the World Meet 2010 in Menzelinsk, Russia, with a 24.0 average. He has created a unique 4way team that will most likely never be copied again: Evolution consits of him and his three sons, Martin, Vincent and Benoit. Despite his athletic excellence and achievements and his... (more)

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