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Outdoor Cloud League 2018

There are six sequences every month to be flown both outdoors as part of the Outdoor Cloud League and indoors as the Indoor Cloud League. Leagues will submit the monthly draw to participating host drop zones at the beginning of the month at which time teams can begin practicing the OCL sequences and capture video to be judged by the NSL if participating in the Individual Rookie Rankings Competition, or later to be submitted to the participating league following each host drop zone's monthly OCL event. Teams have the entire month to produce videos and scores of the best performance of each sequence.

Lineup Limitations:
AAA - AA: Always open for everybody
A - Rookie RRR: 1 Player coach
Rookie RR - Rookie R: Up to 2 Player coaches

The lineups are flexible, and the organizer may put them together according to common sense, based on experiences and skills. Any complete and identical lineup may post two scores for any two neighboring categories.

Player coach definition: Player coaches flying in RR/R teams need to be designated as player coaches on the roster. Player coaches flying on A/RRR teams need to be 1) designated on the team roster as player coaches, 2) defined as flyers who scored 13+ average in AAA at any outdoor meet or 17+ average in AAA at any tunnel meet or 3) are flyers identified by the League Director to be player coaches.

Category Limitations:
AAA - AA: Always open for everybody
A/RRR/RR/R - Every competitor who scores 10+ twice in the same OCL category is required to move up to the next category.

Working Time:
AAA/AA/A/RRR: 35 seconds from exit
RR/R: Teams may exit the aircraft and establish all grips for their first formation. Timing begins with the break of the first formation, and scoring includes the first formation. Scoring and deductions follow standard competition format and end at the traditional 35 second mark.

Drop Zone Rankings:
Participating leagues submit the draw to each host drop zone at the beginning of the month. Teams can begin flying and capturing their scores by video on the 1st of the month and will have until the end of the month to keep improving their scores. To qualify for representing a drop zone in its monthly OCL submissions to the NSL, flyers must attend the league's monthly OCL event held at the correlating drop zone where the jump was made. Any pre- or after-event videos that teams are submitting to better their OCL DZ event scores will only be accepted if the lineup is identical and the score is better than the posted score for the DZ in the particular class. Player coaches in any lineup can be replaced by others. Teams can register and attend multiple OCL events at different drop zones and can essentially compete against themselves on behalf of the different drop zones. The same team can continue to submit videos to the league if the scores are better for the classes they participated in at each of the OCL events where the jumps were made up until the end of the month. Video submissions sent to the NSL by participating individual Rookie Class competitors to advance their Individual Ranking scores may also be submitted to the league following an OCL event, as long as 1) the player lineup is the same, 2) the Rookie Class team participated in the OCL event at the drop zone where the jump was made and 3) the score is better than the highscore posted for the drop zone from its outdoor event. It is not a requirement for participation in the individual Rookie Class Rankings, that the participants also attend the league's monthly OCL event. Any fees submitted to the NSL to participate in the NSL Rookie Class Rankings is separate from the event fees collected by the league at each of its monthly OCL events.

Individual Rookie Class Rankings
Enrollment: In order to be ranked in the NSL Rookie Class Rankings, the participant must submit a video along with a team roster to the NSL and pay the monthly submission fee. The submission fee is separate than the event fee collected at any OCL event organized by the league.

Individual Accounts: Each player has only one account that she/he can add points to each month, no matter in which category. However, the player cannot step down. Once a score has been submitted in any of the Rookie Class categeories (RRR/RR/R) the same participant cannot post a score on the same account in a lower category any longer. However, each participant may keep improving the score for each category throughout the whole year. Example: Participant posts a 10 in the R Class in January and then moves up to RR in February to stay there until June, then to RRR in July. She/he will have one score in R (January), five scores in RR (February – June), six scores in RRR (July – December) for the year. The same player can keep improving the earlier scores after stepping up into the higher category (e.g., the same player can still improve the 10-pointer of January and the other RR scores between February and June while posting RRR scores in September.) A player may collect points in all three Rookie Class categories in one year for her/his account and may provide as many submissions as wanted to get the best score for the account every month, adding up for the annual total. The same player may submit from different DZs for the individual account, whatever is the highest score. Player coaches are not eligible for the rankings in the Rookie Class categories. For Rookie Class participants who collect points for a whole year in the same category, the "move-up-rule" regulates the annual total. The "move-up total" is 120 points for the year, or the 10-average per month.

Dive Pool 12-Footer:
AAA: 3,5,6,7,9,11,14,15,16,17,18,21
AA: 6,7,9,11,14,15,18,21
A: 6,7,9
Rookie RRR: A-Q
Rookie RR: A-Q, each sequence begins with M
Rookie R: A-Q, each sequence begins with M

Dive Pool 14-Footer:
AAA: All blocks except 1 and 13
AA: 2,4,6,7,8,9,11,14,15,18,19,20,21,22
A: 2,4,6,7,8,9,19,21
Rookie RRR: A-Q
Rookie RR: A-Q, each sequence begins with M
Rookie R: A-Q, each sequence begins with M
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