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FSL Tunnel Kicker

Indoor Training for all FSL and 4-way Fans

Learn more about 4-way and Indoor Skydiving

Next Tunnel Kickers: December 1 - 16 - 22

8.00 PM - 9.00 PMPreparations
9.00 PM - 10.00 PMFlying Time
10.00 PM - 11.00 PMDebriefing and Preparations
11.00 PM - 11.30 PMFlying Time - Indoor Cloud League Competition

FSL and iFLY Orlando Tunnel Fans:

The FSL Tunnel Kicker is open to all FSL and 4-way fans who are or want to become a part of the Indoor Cloud League and the Florida Skydiving League community. FSL and iFLY Orlando together provide flying time, planning and coaching three times each month in training camps that allow everybody to learn and improve the flying skills. Coaches organize the participants in adequate groups. Participants may request to fly with team mates or friends in attendance.

The FSL Tunnel Kicker is also a social and networking event where individuals have the opportunity to connect and join or form teams.

There are four different levels of training and progression in the Kicker program. As an individual, you will be assigned to a matching group, unless you bring your own complete lineup. Each option includes 18 minutes of coached flying time:

(1) Skills Drills Kicker (2-ways with player coach: $192, without player coach $96)
(2) 4-way Beginner Kicker (R/RR Class with two player coaches: $96)
(3) 4-way Intermediate Kicker (RRR/A Class with one player coach: $64)
(4) 4-way Advanced Kicker (AA/AAA without player coach $48)

Important: Please write a note on your PayPal payment which Kicker date you are signing up for

2-way Skills Drills (Coach + Participant): $192

4-way Beginner (2 Coaches, 2 Participants): $96

4-way Intermediate (1 Coach, 3 Participants): $64

4-way Advanced (4 Participants): $48

There are no scores available.

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