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T12 News

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Did you know that iFLY SFBay took the lead on the 12+ Indoor Cloud League leaderboard?
posted: Jul 23rd, 2016 It did not take too long until iFLY SFBay's Indoor Cloud League team countered the recent update of iFLY Orlando's July scores. In fact, Northern California Skydiving League Director Lori Connor had collected her scores and videos earlier this month and just posted all data later. However, the iFLY SFBay team outscored the ICL teams and competitors in Florida and took the July lead for the 12+ flying chambers. The updated 12+ leaderboard now also includes the AAA Class score posted by iFLY Houston earlier this month. The July Tunnel Kicker of the Northern California Skydiving League happened... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando had an internal 3-team Indoor Cloud League competition last night?
posted: Jul 22nd, 2016 iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League team had launched their challenge of the July sequences for the 12+foot flying chambers on July 15th with a total of 72 points. The AAA Class sequence was the only one of the six ICL categories without a number after the first event at iFLY Orlando, and last night's ICL team made sure that the void would be filled. Three of the four lineups had the AAA Class sequence (B-14-C-17) on the training and competition agenda, together with the sequences for the AA and A Class. It was a true internal 4-way competition over three rounds that took place last night... (more)

Did you know that Florida's ICL participants switch to outdoor competition this weekend?
posted: Jul 15th, 2016 The first July scores for the 12-foot flying chambers of the Indoor Cloud League are coming once again from iFLY Orlando. The Tunnel Kicker event on Thursday at iFLY Orlando was mostly dedicated to skills training, as the Florida group has been doing it since the beginning of the year. However, this week's participants eventually still joined forces in three 4-way lineups to perform five of the six July sequences. Only the AAA Class sequence does not have a scoring number yet. The slot-switching sequence for the 12+ leaderboard will become a part of next week's Indoor Cloud League event at... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando finally added a AAA Class score to the Indoor Cloud League June leaderboard?
posted: Jul 5th, 2016 The Indoor Cloud League leaderboards for June are almost complete. The iFLY Orlando team is posting their scores on the 12+foot leaderboard, currently together with three other ICL teams, and came together a third time last month on June 30th. The five lineups improved three of the previous scores (AA - RRR - R) and eventually also added a number (19 points) for the AAA Class sequence. Leslie Ennergizer took on a AAA Class slot switcher for the first time, while Sebastian Jimenez, James Hall and Kurt Gaebel have been regulars in this category. This lineup is a part of the DeLand Kickers 4-way... (more)

Did you know that Blobfish with 4-way junior Kiya Glave still impresses the iFLY Houston audience?
posted: Jul 3rd, 2016 The new Indoor Cloud League sequences for July have been posted with the beginning of the new month, and they bring new blocks to the teams, at least at the participating wind tunnels with 14+foot flying chambers. At the same time, new scores and videos are still coming in to complete the June leaderboard. iFLY Houston's ICL team is once again the only team with scores on both leaderboards so far, as the 14-foot flying chamber allows the teams to perform all nine sequences every month. Only iFLY Houston's AA Class sequence for the 12-foot leaderboard does not have a score. iFLY Houston's... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando added 26 points to the Indoor Cloud League June total?
posted: Jun 17th, 2016 iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League team followed up with new June scores and videos yesterday, after the first ones were posted at the beginning of the month. Two 4-way lineups had launched the ICL competition of the new month with scores in four of the six categories and a total of 84 points. Last night's three lineups tried to improve the previous scores and also added a number for the R Class sequence. The combination of the previous scores of the June 9 event, the improved AA/A Class scores and a new number for the R Class turned the total from 84 to 110 points at iFLY Orlando's second... (more)

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