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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that iFLY SF Bay is one single point behind iFLY Orlando at the end of November?
posted: Dec 4th, 2016 Yesterday's latest Indoor Cloud League update reported the close race for the 2nd place on the 2016 leaderboard between iFLY Seattle and iFLY Dallas. The battle on the 12+ leaderboard is even closer, and it is for the top position. Maria Garcia-Sheets, who has taken Lori Connor's organizer position for the Indoor Cloud League events at iFLY SF Bay, brought back the same player coaches in November who have been scoring for Lori Connor's team in the past: Deanna Frank, Julius Frank, Leander van Schriek, Rob Radez. Lori Connor has been focusing on her new ICL team at iFLY Sacramento, which joined... (more)

Did you know that a missing R Class score makes a 9-point difference between iFLY Dallas and iFLY Seattle?
posted: Dec 3rd, 2016 The latest Indoor Cloud League November scores and videos came from iFLY Dallas for the 14+ leaderboard. Organizer Amanda Lampton, Dallas 350's Outside Center, had eight lineups at her November event, and five of them posted the iFLY Dallas scores for last month's six sequences. Her Dallas 350 team mates Scott Levy and Lucas King joined her for the AAA Class sequence, and Karen Bilder completed the lineup for the 6-point slot-switcher. Scott Levy also player-coached two other lineups to the highscores for the AA and R Class sequences, while Amanda Lampton took care of the A Class score, as well. The... (more)

Did you know that 4-way twin juniors Noah and Caleb Thornquest continue to collect ICL points for iFLY Sacramento?
posted: Dec 2nd, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported the Indoor Cloud League November scores from iFLY Sacramento with the update on November 20th. NCSL Director Lori Connor had mentioned that her ICL team might not be done yet with the November leaderboard. She was hoping that upcoming flying sessions may generate additional videos and scores and improve the November total. 4-way juniors Noah and Caleb Thornquest have training sessions with coach Matt Stephens scheduled in November, and they could beat the current highscores. Her prediction was correct, as the two young 4-way twin brothers improved the... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Seattle welcomed three new Indoor Cloud League competitors in November?
posted: Dec 1st, 2016 The November competition of the Indoor Cloud League is over, and the scores and videos of the month begin to fill the leaderboards for the 14-foot and the 12-foot flying chambers. Deb Correia reported from iFLY Seattle that her ICL team was excited to have three new participants in November: "Ron Hensley joined as a rookie. He participated in the NSL this past season on the rookie team Low Key, and he has put together a team (Archies) for next year that will have their first tunnel session together on December 5th." Deb Correia will be working with the team at iFLY Seattle and prepare... (more)

Did you know that the HF Junior Flies were only two points behind the bronze medals in Roosendaal?
posted: Nov 30th, 2016 The four teams who competed for the Czech Republic at the ISR Grand Prix 2016 were not the biggest point-getters for the Hurricane Factory on the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard for November. In fact, only the HF Junior Cubs contributed 19 points to the total of 137 for the month. HF Flying Circus, HF Junior Flies and HF Junior Blue were outscored by other Czech 4-way teams for the November sequences. However, Flying Circus has scored many times in the past in other categories for the Hurricane Factory and will probably soon add points for AAA and AA sequences. The other three junior teams... (more)

Did you know that the Czech 4-way teams posted top scores in November?
posted: Nov 29th, 2016 The latest November scores and videos of the Indoor Cloud League came from the Czech Republic, where a total of ten teams tried to get onto the leaderboard for the month. The scores for the AAA and AA sequences were not claimed by the Bad Boys this month, who had no training scheduled in November at the Hurricane Factory. However, ICL organizer Jan Klapka had three other teams performing the two Open Class sequences, and the HF Chicks posted both Czech highscores for November. The Mirek Team claimed two of the six highscores, as well (RR - R). The most competitive category was the AA Class,... (more)

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