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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that Czech team Impact and Dutch team Dimension went neck to neck at both team's first AA Class outdoor meet?
posted: Jul 12th, 2016 The AAA Class and A Class teams on the July 2 weekend received their deserved attention after great participation and competition in both categories. However, three teams from the Czech Republic and two teams from the Netherlands also created a very interesting leaderboard in the AA Class on the same weekend. In fact, the AA Class leaderboard was the most contended one of all four categories, as the highscores for each of the ten rounds were scattered from top to bottom. The Dutch team 4igami won the AA Class competition at the Tomscat Trophy and finished on top of the weekend's combined... (more)

Did you know that the Northern California Skydiving League teams include a few family lineups?
posted: Jul 11th, 2016 The Northern California Skydiving League had the only U.S. meet scheduled for the past weekend, and the nine NCSL teams all competed at the Parachute Center in Lodi. NCSL Director Lori Connor posted a summary after the competition of the event. "Congratulations Teams! The NCSL's Meet # 2 was an awesome success yesterday at the Parachute Center, with everyone having fun while completing their scheduled rounds of the draw. We had 9 teams come out and participate, five Rookie teams and four AA teams. A few of the Rookie teams were pick-up teams that were put together this last week and it's... (more)

Did you know that Pangaea could be aiming at a Top 10 spot at the Mondial 2016?
posted: Jul 10th, 2016 Denmark's national championships were completed successfully this weekend, even though the A Class teams had to accept their final rankings after Round 8. Four DK ended up as the only team without a score for Round 9 before the weather situation stopped the completion of ten rounds in the A Class competition. However, the four AAA Class teams completed their ten rounds, and Pangaea confirmed the status as Denmark's national team in 4-way Open for the Mondial 2016. Pangaea was sanctioned earlier this year, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on June 5th. Denmark's national team in 4-way... (more)

Did you know that the latest Indoor Cloud League Best Of June videos feature record performances?
posted: Jul 9th, 2016 The Indoor Cloud League leaderboards for the month of June are complete, and the latest NSL-TV videos feature once again the highest scores for all sequences. The additional sequences for 14+foot wind tunnel chambers, which were introduced in May for the first time, required the separation of the leaderboards at the same time. This separation has now been completed, as well, and each chamber size finally has its own presence on SKYLEAGUE.COM. The number of ICL teams who can perform only the sequences for 12-foot flying chambers in their home tunnels is lower compared to the teams with more... (more)

Did you know that Czech 4-way teams placed on the top of last weekend's A Class leaderboard?
posted: Jul 8th, 2016 It was not the first time this year that the A Class competition was the most popular one last weekend. This NSL category with the first eight blocks in the dive pool offers the first stepping stone for new 4-way teams on the way to learn and master the complete FAI/IPC dive pool. Ten teams from three different countries (Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany) created a new international leaderboard, and several teams had competed earlier this year. All ten rounds were completed in the Czech Republic and in the Netherlands, while the German teams were done after five rounds at the Nord Cup... (more)

Did you know that Joey Jones reports from the Danish Nationals 2016?
posted: Jul 7th, 2016 This is the roving reporter Joey Jones, powered by Sun Path, coming to you from Odense Parachute Club, site of the 2016 Danish National Championships. Although the two practice days prior to the meet were plagued by weather, we got an early start this morning. Kate Cooper and the Prime Pickles have just returned from a 136-jump camp in Perris with Coach Christy Frikken. They completed this number of jumps in 100+ degree heat in 12 days. Despite the conditions they came back ready to rock and looking to upset Pangea, the current national team. Pangea was selected to replace the VAF Warriors... (more)

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