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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that there are more double duties than only the 4-way/8-way combination?
posted: Aug 13th, 2016 As if my nose has not been in it more than enough... Did you know that the Golden 4-way women's team changed their lineup for the first time since 2011, half a year before the World Championship of Formation Skydiving? I am sure everybody knows that after reading the SUN PATH PRODUCTS NSL NEWS on a regular basis. Then you probably also know that the U.S. Army team found a replacement for Angela Navarro-Nichols quickly. SDC Rhythm XP's inside center JaNette Lefkowitz is filling the slot from now on through the 10 or 11 rounds of 4-way women's competition at Mondial 2016. (more)

Did you know that Joey Jones reports two Super Sequences from the Italian Nationals 2016?
posted: Aug 12th, 2016 Traveling coach and roving reporter Joey Jones, powered by Sun Path Products, mentioned during the coverage of the Swedish Nationals 2016 that he would visit Italy next on his trips to national championships in the European summer. He now sent the first update from Skydive Ravenna where six AAA Class teams compete for the Italian 4-way medals this year. The Italian competition draw is a special one, as it brought the first real Super Sequence of the 2016 season to the AAA Class teams. Two sequences with five random formations were drawn in April, however, no AAA Class teams attended the early... (more)

Did you know that iFLY SF Bay stole two August highscores from iFLY Orlando?
posted: Aug 11th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on August 8th that iFLY Orlando launched the 12+ August competition of the Indoor Cloud League with a total of 97 points. It did not take too long until iFLY SF Bay followed up with scores and videos for five of the six monthly ICL sequences. Lori Connor's group in Northern Califonia posted a total of 79 points, with a number for the AAA Class sequence still missing. iFLY SF Bay's five lineups stole the highscores for two of the three Rookie Class sequences (RR - R) while iFLY Orlando still owns the other three and has a 5-point lead for the total of... (more)

Did you know that the Qatar Tigers have made an undetected move?
posted: Aug 10th, 2016 The recent Sun Path Products NSL News updates have been relating more and more to the upcoming World Championship of Formation Skydiving at the Mondial 2016. The race for the bronze medals has been a topic for a longer time, as NMP PCH HayaBusa and Arizona Airspeed seemed to be in a league of their own for the gold and silver medals. This week's unfortunate news from Arizona may change the world meet picture. Airspeed will surely do everything it takes to find an adequate replacement as quickly as possible, and the Sun Path Products NSL News will follow up as soon as possible. However, the... (more)

Did you know that Mikhail Markine broke his hand and cannot compete for Airspeed at the Mondial 2016?
posted: Aug 9th, 2016 The 2016 season has not been a lucky one for Arizona Airspeed so far. The U.S. national team had started into the world meet year with a new lineup, when Mikhail Markine replaced Chris Farina, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on January 18th, with a follow-up story on January 20th. It was a very promising start with the 24.2 average at the Shamrock Showdown 2016 after a challenging 10-round competition with a difficult draw. It seemed like the new lineup was on the right track. Bad news followed on April 8th though, when tail Thiago Gomes broke the Phalanx bone of his right hand... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando launched the Indoor Cloud League August competition with 97 points?
posted: Aug 8th, 2016 The BEST OF THE MONTH video wrapped up the July competition of the Indoor Cloud League on Saturday, and the first scores for the sequences of the new month are already posted. iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League team came together last Thursday to take on the new sequences for the 12+ flying chambers and launched the August competition with a total of 97 points. iFLY Orlando is currently in first place on the annual 12+ leaderboard, nine points ahead of iFLY SF Bay. The lineups last Thursday were colorful combinations of different 4-way teams in Florida.iFLY Orlando - AugustAAAAAARRRRRRTotalTeamsD,11,H,3D,6,11D,H,6D,H,GM,D,HM,DTotalSebastian... (more)

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