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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that Zhills PreciZion could not help iFLY Orlando's August total this time?
posted: Sep 7th, 2016 The first September scores and videos for the new Indoor Cloud League sequences have been posted, even though the coverage for the August competition is not quite complete yet. The Best of the Month video with additional information is still to come, and there are a few videos that have not been shown yet. Zhills PreciZion, AA/Intermediate Class from Skydive City in Florida, has been holding the team's indoor training camps in preparation for the USPA Nationals 2016 at different locations this year, including iFLY Orlando and Paraclete XP. iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League team has got some... (more)

Did you know that there are four question marks in the 4-way Women power rankings for the Mondial 2016?
posted: Sep 6th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News introduced the field of teams in 4-way Women at the Mondial 2016 with the story on August 19th. Recent scores at national championships and other events have allowed more accurate previews of the 4-way Open and 8-way events, and the last preview update now creates the power rankings with new scores for the teams who compete in 4-way Women. Round 1 in all Formation Skydiving events is less than a week away, as the start of the competition at Skydive Chicago is scheduled for Monday morning. The next update of the leaderboards will come after all teams have used... (more)

Did you know that the ICL teams in Texas are getting ready for the upcoming IBA meet at Woodlands?
posted: Sep 5th, 2016 iFLY Seattle's Indoor Cloud League team and iFLY Dallas added their scores and videos to the August leaderboard right before the month was over. Four different lineups posted the scores for all six sequences on August 30th at iFLY Seattle. Deb Correia reported that the teams included two Rookie Class competitors (Olga Nikolova, Dave Camden) who each had competed only once before. She also said that the August draw was not an easy one: "The draw last month was a tough one, with some new blocks that aren't that easy in the tunnel (8 and 19). Add to that the AA sequence (D,6,19), with the front... (more)

Did you know that Airbus finished the ten rounds in Germany with the same 12.9 average?
posted: Sep 4th, 2016 The 8-way competition at the German Nationals 2016 was also completed successfully after ten rounds. The Sun Path Products NSL News had covered the 8-way story of the UK Nationals 2016 on September 2nd while Airbus was on the top of the German leaderboard with a 12.9 average after Round 7. The winner of the national championships in Germany and Germany's 8-way national team for the Mondial 2016 eventually also finished with the same 12.9 average after all ten rounds, and the scoring and placing relationship with Microclim8 remained unchanged. The British national 8-way team is traveling to... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Sacramento's August 25 team wiped out all previous scores?
posted: Sep 3rd, 2016 The August competition of the Indoor Cloud League is over, and the September sequences have been posted for three days. This is usually the time when the last scores and videos arrive at the NSL headquarters after the final ICL events have taken place at the end of the month. Northern California Skydiving League director Lori Connor invited her 4-way teams and competitors for the second time in August to iFLY Sacramento on the 25th, and her new group added 37 points to iFLY Sacramento's August account. In fact, the previous scores for all five categories that the iFLY Sacramento team had... (more)

Did you know that a new exciting 8-way battle between Microclim8 and Airbus seems to be coming up?
posted: Sep 2nd, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News had introduced the 8-way Open Class field for the Mondial 2016 with the story on August 25th. A total of eight teams were officially registered at that time. However, the currently running German Nationals 2016 include an 8-way competition, as well, where the Airbus 8-way lineup is far ahead in 1st place after seven rounds. Airbus was not on the virgin leaderboard that introduced the 8-way teams, even though the team will also travel to Skydive Chicago very soon. The 8-way competition at the German Nationals 2016 is taking place not even a week after the... (more)

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