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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that NSL-TV introduces the new French national 4-way Open Class team?
posted: Sep 22nd, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News story on September 15th included the mixed leaderboard between the best 4-way Open Class teams at the FAI World Cup 2015 and the French national team in 4-way Women, the French Girls. The mixed leaderboard became a regular feature of the Sun Path Products NSL News at the major international events ever since Aerokart Deep Blue came dangerously close to the medal level in the 4-way Open Class competition. This year in Teuge, the French Girls finished in 4th place on the mixed leaderboard, four points behind the bronze medal position (VR4 France) and six points... (more)

Did you know that Dallas 350 and Spaceland Lite had their final test at the Dallas Super Cup?
posted: Sep 21st, 2015 The overall leaderboard of the September 12th weekend brought together teams from three different events in Texas (Dallas), Northern (Skydance) and Southern California (Perris) in different ways. Teams from Texas and Southern California shared the AAA and AA Class leaderboards, while teams from Northern California competed with teams from Texas in the A Class. All Rookie Class teams that weekend came from both parts of California. Teams from Texas took the first places in the AAA and AA categories. NCSL team Semaphore interfered with the complete Texas sweep in three of the four outdoor categories.... (more)

Did you know that three generations of Black Cat members won the next set of silver medals for Russia?
posted: Sep 20th, 2015 The aftermath of the FAI World Cup 2015 continues with the competition videos of the two teams behind NMP-PCH Hayabusa. Black Cat from Russia won the silver medals, and the new French Open Class lineup finished in 3rd place after a good battle with the Russian team. The final medal rankings of the World Cup 2015 are identical with the outcome at the World Cup 2013 in Banja Luka, where a different Russian 4-way team won the silver medals. Barkli (Nikolay Vylegzhanin, Vladimir Pavlenko, Oleg Shalomikhin, Sergey Shenin, Andrey Seliverstov on camera) was the Russian national team in 2013 and 2014,... (more)

Did you know that a new Florida Indoor Cloud League competitor has 4-way blood in the family?
posted: Sep 19th, 2015 Lori Connor's group of Northern California Skydiving League competitors and tunnel flyers was the first one this month to submit scores and videos for the September sequences of the Indoor Cloud League competition at iFLY SF Bay. Her ICL team is only 54 points behind iFLY Orlando for the whole year (1005 - 951), and there are still four months to go, including September. She added a total of 97 points to the iFLY SF Bay account for September last Thursday. It was coincidence that the Florida group had scheduled the first ICL September event for the same day at iFLY Orlando, and both groups... (more)

Did you know that Satori XL will reach out for a slot in the finals at the Mondial 2016?
posted: Sep 18th, 2015 The aftermath of the FAI World Cup 2015 is far from over, however, it is also time to catch up with other events and topics that have been put aside for a while. The UK Nationals 2015 are one of these events, even though a few earlier stories provided some information on the meet weekend. The Sun Path Products NSL News now follows up with the InTime videos of Satori XL's ten competition rounds, which are showing the British 4-way champion with the new lineup in meet action for the first time. Satori's comeback at this year's national championships was not a surprise any longer, as the Sun... (more)

Did you know that Rookie Class competitors are creating 4-way momentum?
posted: Sep 17th, 2015 I have heard it so many times in the last two decades: 4-way is dead. New skydivers turn to the dark side. There is no future in 4-way competition. Yeah, right... Did you know the largest skydiving competition in the world is a 4-way event? Yup, it's the annual World Challenge at Bodyflight Bedford. Did you know that the World Challenge has grown every single year since the inaugural event in 2006? 12 teams competed then, and 88 this year. And I am talking about belly flying, not VFS or Dynamic or other modern ways of doing 4-way. Did you know that traditional 4-way competition is by far... (more)

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