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Did you know that each Round 1 at a competition is a special mental challenge?
posted: Oct 26th, 2015 The excitement of the event opening with the competition draw is obvious - and still nothing compared to the mental challenge and the emotional situation on the first morning of the competition. 2004 Airspeed 8-way world champion Chris Talbert went back in his memory and recalled as much as possible his own mental status when it was time for competition. He had commented for the Sun Path Products NSL News regularly during the FAI World Cup 2015, as well. The NSL-TV camera was running when the top teams of the Open Class competition got ready for Round 1 on Monday morning. Chris Talbert explained... (more)

Did you know that the Golden Knights will have a very long Monday at the USPA Nationals 2015?
posted: Oct 26th, 2015 The first scores have been posted at the USPA Nationals 2015, and the meet seems to be over after one round, at least in the 4-way Open Class on the top of the leaderboard. Arizona Airspeed put a 5-point cushion between themselves and the challenger, SDC Rhythm XP, which is significantly more than expected. In fact, the Golden Knights are in 2nd place after Round 1. Each competition begins with the opening ceremony and the competition draw. It is the first part of the event, where the excitement begins to materialize more than on the days leading into the competition. The officials, meet... (more)

Did you know that SDC Core's 20.6 average lifts the new US national team straight up to the world's top spot?
posted: Oct 25th, 2015 The first Formation Skydiving event of the USPA Nationals 2015 was completed on Saturday. The 4-way VFS teams have only eight rounds on their agenda, due to a smaller dive pool, and they did all of them on one day. Skydive Chicago is once again hosting the new US national 4-way team, three years after SDC Standard won the USPA Nationals the last time. Arizona Arsenal took over in 2013 and defended the US title successfully after competing for the US delegation at the world meet in Prostejov 2014. Former Dubai Nexus members Jason Russell and Stephanie Strange, silver medalists at the Mondial... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando added 23 points to the Indoor Cloud League October account?
posted: Oct 24th, 2015 The 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships was a quick and short affair. The ten rounds in all traditional 4-way events were completed in less than two days. The Indoor Cloud League competitors in Florida came together the second time this month at iFLY Orlando before the indoor world meet in Prague began on Saturday, which will be followed by the USPA Nationals 2015 beginning on Monday. Florida's ICL group had started the October competition with 103 points and added 23 points to the account last Thursday. The new total of 126 points is the highest score for iFLY Orlando since June,... (more)

Did you know that that the Golden Knights are challenging NMP-PCH Hayabusa?
posted: Oct 23rd, 2015 Seven rounds have been completed at the 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships, and only the competition in 4-way VFS has a battle for the top position. NMP-PCH Hayabusa is far ahead of all other top teams in 4-way Open, where Black Cat confirms the 2nd place in the world rankings after silver medals at the FAI World Cup 2015. Of course, the world rankings don't count much without the US national team competing, Arizona Airspeed. However, there is a US team in Prague, and the Golden Knights are not only as far ahead of all other 4-way Women teams as Hayabusa leads in the Open Class.... (more)

Did you know that five of the 4-way VFS indoor world meet teams also competed in Teuge?
posted: Oct 22nd, 2015 Six teams competed in 4-way VFS at the FAI World Cup 2015, and five of them were the current national 4-way VFS teams for their countries. Each of these five national teams is now coming back to the 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships to find out if there is any difference between the indoor and outdoor rankings. Both events were lacking participation from overseas, with one exception. The United Arab Emirates have registered a 4-way VFS team for the indoor competition at the Hurricane Factory. However, the strong US teams are not a part of this indoor double header in Europe, and... (more)

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