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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that the Golden Knights placed higher than any other 4-way Women team in history?
posted: Jan 3rd, 2016 One piece of the World Air Games 2015 aftermath is still missing. The Sun Path Products NSL News has regularly posted a combined AAA Class leaderboard after events where the AAA Class teams, who apply the same FAI/IPC Open Class dive pool and competition sequences, were still separated in different categories. This was once again the case at the World Air Games, where the gender separation caused two different leaderboards, 4-way Open and 4-way Women. To be more correct: It is not really a gender separation, as female 4-way, 8-way and VFS competitors are still members of Open Class lineups (Laurence... (more)

Did you know that the four NSL 4-way categories were introduced in December 2001?
posted: Jan 2nd, 2016 The first news update this year, with the A Class aftermath of the Clash of Champions 2015 on January 1st, included a brief looking back at the origin of the four traditional NSL competition classes. The turn of the year was a good opportunity for the review, as the plans for the completion of the NSL competition structure were also published at the end of the year, precisely at the end of the 2001 season. The NSL News posted an update on December 17th, which introduced the last of the four categories, the Rookie Class. A few adjustments followed after more discussions with the league directors,... (more)

Did you know that the iFLY Seattle team is waiting for the final 2015 scores from iFLY Dallas?
posted: Jan 2nd, 2016 The 2015 season of the Indoor Cloud League was over at the turn of the year, as well, and the new sequences for the first month of the 2016 season are posted. The leaderboard is not complete yet, as the ICL teams still have a few days to submit missing December videos. The teams in the first three places of the 2015 leaderboard (Hurricane Factory - iFLY Orlando - iFLY SF Bay) have confirmed and secured their positions with the December scores. There will be no changes on the top of the 2015 leaderboard. However, iFLY Dallas was only three points ahead of iFLY Seattle (1199 - 1196) at the... (more)

Did you know that all three 4-way leaderboards at the Clash of Champions had unlimited lineup combinations?
posted: Jan 1st, 2016 The A Class competition at the Clash of Champions 2015 was very well attended, with an even higher number of participating teams than in the AA Class (11 - 8). The A Class was introduced by the National Skydiving League in 2002, together with the new Rookie Class. Both categories brought 4-way competition closer to the grass root level of Formation Skydiving competition and made it easier to learn and master the complete FAI/IPC dive pool. The Rookie Class dive pool includes only the 16 random formations (A - Q). The A Class then brings the first eight blocks to the teams who grow out of... (more)

Did you know that Weembi Lille finished two times in 3rd place this year?
posted: Dec 30th, 2015 Weembi Lille was the name of the 4-way team that placed 3rd two times this year at two of the most relevant indoor meets, the World Challenge 2015 and the Clash of Champions 2015. It is very unlikely that the same team name with the same team members will also appear on any outdoor leaderboard any time soon. However, it was actually not a big surprise that Weembi Lille finished in the medal and cash positions at both events. It is not only the high-profile level of the team members that brought the success. Weembi Lille is also the name of a new 17-foot wind tunnel in France, and three of... (more)

Did you know that 12 female 4-way competitors won a total of $20,000 at the Clash of Champions?
posted: Dec 29th, 2015 The French FLY-IN Girls mentioned in the live NSL Talk after the Clash of Champions 2015 that they enjoy the combined AAA Class leaderboard where they can compare their own performance directly with the all-male and mixed-gender lineups of other teams. The AA Class competition at the Clash of Champions had unleashed the full girl-power on all other teams in this category and added to the female 4-way power statement that Golden Knights and French FLY-IN Girls left at the Clash of Champions and then at the World Air Games 2015, as well. The Golden Knights finish the 2015 season in 4th place of... (more)

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