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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that the preview of the World Challenge 2016 begins with the current AAA Class field?
posted: Feb 12th, 2016 The preview of the 4-way Spring Tour 2016 begins with the AAA/Open Class competition at the World Challenge 2016. The event in Bedford is the last one in the traditional 3-meet series early in the competition season. However, early registration is in full swing, and the Sun Path Products NSL News is taking a closer look at the teams who have signed up for the AAA/Open Class competition at this point in time. The AAA Class field consists of teams from seven different nations by now, including five national teams: Black Cat (Russia), FLY-IN (France), Tigers (Finland), Lupus (Estonia), Savolo... (more)

Did you know that SDC Rhythm XP is not Airspeed's farm team?
posted: Feb 12th, 2016 It is usually the beginning of a new year and a new competition season that creates that funny feeling in the stomach: that combination of anticipation and excitement of unknown things to come. It was the end of the year this time that was possibly even more exciting than new beginnings. The Dubai double header, Clash of Champions and World Air Games, threw NMP PCH Hayabusa and Arizona Airspeed - and their new lineups - at each other two times in two weeks, including the first outdoor battle over 10 rounds. The results did not really change anything in the bigger picture. Yes, Hayabusa remains... (more)

Did you know that the 4-way Spring Tour 2016 has the same Raeford - DeLand - Bedford travel agenda?
posted: Feb 10th, 2016 It is time to get excited about the annual 4-way Spring Tour, which traditionally brings teams to Raeford (Paraclete XP Indoor Championship)- DeLand (Shamrock Showdown) - Bedford (World Challenge) within a few weeks. This year, there are 2-week breaks between the three events. Paraclete launches the Spring Tour 2016 on the March 5/6 weekend, followed by the Shamrock on March 18-20. The World Challenge's first meet day is scheduled for April Fool's Day. There have always been a few teams who attend all three events. SDC Rhythm XP, Golden Knights and Dubai Asaar Gold completed the Spring Tour... (more)

Did you know that Lise Nansen of the DeLand Norgies is in her 32nd year in the sport?
posted: Feb 9th, 2016 One of the many NSL Profiles that need updates is the one of Lise Aune Nansen. It seems like many Formation Skydiving competitors stay in the sport for a very long time, which makes it even more necessary to follow up on the profile stories. Lise Aune Nansen's NSL Profile was published in April 2001, when she was 34 years of age and had 17 years in the sport. The update adds another 15 years to the time in the sport, which makes it 32 years. That's a long time, and Lise Aune Nansen is not an exception. Her name was still Lise Aune 14 years ago, and before she met and married Nikolai Nansen,... (more)

Did you know that the 6-year Texas streak of 4-way medals at USPA Nationals ended in Eloy last year?
posted: Feb 8th, 2016 Something very unusual happened at last year's USPA Nationals. The last time when the three USPA 4-way leaderboards (Open - Advanced - Intermediate) had no team from Texas in the medal positions was in 2008. Lone-Star 4-way teams had not made it often to the medal level on USPA leaderboards before 2008 either. Spaceland Inferno (James Klinge, Alex Pincus, Jim Walker, Dave Burton, with Clint Hillis on camera) won the last gold medals for Texas in the Advanced Class of 2003 before the major draught began. (more)

Did you know that the U.S.A. had five 4-way VFS teams in the world's Top 10 spots last year?
posted: Feb 8th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News completes the closer look at the 2015 world rankings of the International Parachuting Commission (IPC) and Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) with the 4-way VFS teams. As in the 8-way event, there is only a combined leaderboard for male and female competitors in 4-way VFS, while FAI/IPC separates the genders in 4-way Open, and a total of 14 nations were listed in the world rankings. France is far ahead of all other nations in 4-way VFS after winning all FAI/IPC gold medals ever since the event was added to the World Championship of Formation Skydiving... (more)

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