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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that there is heavy FS Sweep pressure on Arizona Airspeed?
posted: Dec 16th, 2015 No trouble this month, wheeewwww... In fact, great news. I just came back from the USPA National Skydiving Championships 2015 in Eloy, where I did once again what I usually do for the SUN PATH PRODUCTS NSL News: Try to bring the event to the poor audience that cannot be there live on competition site. It has been quite a trip over the many years, as I would never know what to expect for my working environment at USPA Nationals. My intentions have never been doubted when I did what I usually do at any other major events, where I have felt welcomed while my work was appreciated. It has not always... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando won the Indoor Cloud League November competition by one point?
posted: Dec 15th, 2015 The exciting recent events in Dubai required most of the attention of the Sun Path Products NSL News. The pace is slowing down now, at least for the outdoor competition world, while the world's wind tunnels will continue to run, even throughout the winter season in colder areas. It is time to catch up with other interesting news and events that took place while the Clash of Champions 2015 and the World Air Games 2015 featured most of the best indoor and outdoor competitors in the world. November's Indoor Cloud League competition was completed in the meantime, and the new BEST OF THE MONTH... (more)

Did you know that nothing is the same behind the 4th place in the World Outdoor Team Rankings?
posted: Dec 14th, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News explained on December 5th how the results of the Clash of Champions 2015 changed the official SKYLEAGUE.COM World Indoor Team Rankings. The World Air Games 2015 generated new scores and had a similar impact on the World Outdoor Team Rankings. The Top 4 positions did not change, and NMP PCH Hayabusa is still only in 2nd place after winning each 4-way competition that the Belgian world champions, now with Jeroen Nollet in the lineup, have attended since the Mondial 2012. Arizona Airspeed benefits from higher meet averages at two outdoor events this year, while Hayabusa... (more)

Did you know that HayaBusa And Golden Knights Claim Formation Skydiving Titles?
posted: Dec 13th, 2015 DUBAI (UAE): The world's biggest indoor tunnel for flying proved to be an unrivalled success when more than 300 skydivers from over 20 countries gathered in the UAE for the first Clash of Champions, staged at Inflight Dubai. With $200,000 in prize money, the event was comfortably the richest of its kind and flyers from all corners of the globe came to do battle in what turned out to be a fierce-ly-contested, three-day tournament featuring competition in three classes of 4-Way Dynamic, an AAA 8-Way Formation category and a Dynamic 2-Way. Living up to its name, Clash of Champions attracted... (more)

Did you know that the Golden Knights collected two sets of gold medals in Dubai?
posted: Dec 12th, 2015 The World Air Games 2015 are over, and the 4-way Open Class competition turned out as it transpired at the end of the very active Friday. NMP PCH Hayabusa's new Tail Jeroen Nollet defeated Arizona Airspeed at his first direct outdoor confrontation, and both teams defined their starting point for the race towards the 4-way gold medals next year at the Mondial 2016: It is exactly the same. Both teams were separated by one single point (273 - 272) by completed points in working time, and Hayabusa won by four points due to the penalty situation. Hayabusa is the only team with only 20-pointers... (more)

Did you know that only Black Cat is safely in 3rd place?
posted: Dec 11th, 2015 The four Formation Skydiving leaderboards of the World Air Games 2015 were still not complete at the time of the previous Sun Path Products NSL News update. Four of the seven qualified teams in 4-way Open got their Round 9 out of the way at the end of the day. It is not clear yet who will be the last four teams in the finals, as the other three teams have to follow up tomorrow. Black Cat and Dubai Asaar Black were called to the planes for Round 8 in 8-way, while Evolution had to switch to Round 7 in 4-way VFS. Black Cat will take back the 3rd place tomorrow and then secure the bronze medals... (more)

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