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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that each drop zone should have a wind tunnel?
posted: Jan 18th, 2017 It's a good thing that the young BSM editor ladies, Kolla and Lara, have much more creative minds than I have. I am usually set on collecting data (scores, team and event information etc.) and deliver it to the audience, with a few words attached. They come up on a regular basis with topics that should be covered, and I use their, and Skygod's, inspirational ideas to move into areas that are usually not on my daily agenda. Thank you for that. This time, my thoughts don't really have to wander that far off when they asked me and their BSM audience what every drop zone should have, next to a jump... (more)

Did you know that Weembi Lille is aiming at the top spot of the Team World Indoor Rankings?
posted: Jan 17th, 2017 The Sun Path Products NSL News started with the update of the Team World Rankings 2016 with two stories. The first one covered the 4-way Open Class rankings at outdoor meets last year, followed by the 8-way outdoor rankings a few days later. The outdoor rankings reflected the results of the FAI Mondial 2016 precisely, even though two of the ten best 4-way teams in the world (Golden Knights Gold, SDC Rhythm XP) could not compete at the event. They found their place instead in the Top 10 of the SKYLEAGUE.COM team rankings. Two all-female teams (Golden Knights, French Weembi Girls) were also... (more)

Did you know that size mattered at iFLY Seattleā€™s first ICL event of the year?
posted: Jan 16th, 2017 The first Indoor Cloud League scores of the 2017 season for 14+ flying chambers are coming from iFLY Seattle. iFLY Orlando is usually posting earlier on the 12+ leaderboard. However, the Florida Skydiving League has added Tunnel Kicker and ICL events at iFLY Tampa to the indoor schedule and is starting the 2017 season with only one event at each location, while Deb Correia has added a second monthly event to the schedule at iFLY Seattle. Teams and competitors of the Northwest and the Florida Skydiving League will soon be back competing directly against each other with ICL indoor sequences,... (more)

Did you know that DeLand Fast4ward has launched the 2017 season with ten training jumps?
posted: Jan 16th, 2017 The plans of a new 4-way team in DeLand were recently finalized. DeLand Fast4ward met in December to discuss the options and then set the 2017 schedule. The first training camp was scheduled for this weekend, and Fast4ward completed ten jumps. Player coach Gilles Dutrisac said that his team is aiming at 200 training jumps this year, plus approx. ten hours of wind tunnel time. DeLand Fast4ward will jump from the DeLand planes and start each training weekend with indoor training at iFLY Tampa. The team members are very familiar with indoor training and competition after years of participation... (more)

Did you know that NSL-TV features Ranch 2nd Generation and Spaceland Lite?
posted: Jan 14th, 2017 Ben Liston, organizer of the annual indoor competition at SkyVenture New Hampshire, has made the competition videos of the event available for the Sun Path Products NSL News, and the audience has the opportunity to review Ranch 2nd Generation's ten winning rounds. The video review also features Spaceland Lite, who finished in 2nd place, 15 points behind the winner. Spaceland Lite had to travel to New Hampshire without Inside Center Devon Shows, who was not available on the meet weekend. However, Lite found an adequate substitute with Andre van Heerden. Outside Center Katrina Shows said that... (more)

Did you know that Flying Circus finished with another team record average this week?
posted: Jan 13th, 2017 The Flying Circus of the Hurricane Factory in Prague, Czech Republic, is a well-known name in the 4-way world by now, and the young team continues to make the headlines month by month. It happened again this week that Flying Circus increased the performance level and finished with a new team record average. This is nothing unusual, as the chart with all of the team's indoor scores is showing it clearly. There has hardly ever been a point in time when the scores of the last meet were not higher than at the previous ones. The chart of all indoor scores with decreasing meet averages is misleading,... (more)

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