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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that Mark Kirkby outscored Kirk Verner by two points in Eloy?
posted: Nov 18th, 2015 The toughest battle of the AAA/Open Class competition at the USPA Nationals 2015 took place behind the Top 4 full-time teams and the unofficial US amateur champion 2015, Hg XP. Prestige Worldwide (6th) and Verve XP (9th) were separated by only six points, while EOS and Dallas 350 also finished within this margin. The special leaderboard of these four teams shows that the highscores for the ten rounds were almost equally shared. Prestige Worldwide was actually trying to stay close to their 8-way team mates in Hg XP, while Dallas was mainly involved in the Texas showdown with Spaceland Lite.... (more)

Did you know that Inflight Dubai is set to host the Clash of Champions 2015?
posted: Nov 17th, 2015 The world's greatest indoor tunnel flyers will descend on Dubai next week when the United Arab Emirates plays host to the 2015 Clash Of Champions, the world's richest indoor tunnel flying event, from November 26-28. To be staged at Inflight Dubai under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mo-hammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, the three-day tournament will feature international teams from across the globe - including national teams from the USA, Canada, Russia and France - as they battle for a share of $200,000, the richest prize in the history of indoor tunnel flying. Inflight... (more)

Did you know that Mercury XP won the unofficial 2015 US amateur title?
posted: Nov 16th, 2015 The competition for the unofficial US amateur title in the AAA/Open Class competition has been taking place right behind the Top 4 teams at the USPA Nationals in the past years. The story of the amateur title began at the USPA Nationals 2007 when Mass Defiance (Ben Liston, Brian Stephens, Jim Rees, John Silva, Steve "Scuba" Feldman on camera) posted the impressive 19.3 average in the AAA/Open Class, which would last for several years as the unofficial amateur record average. DNR (James "Malibu" Klinge, Ben Liston, Brian Stephens, Steve Johnson, Pat Walker on camera) eventually shattered this... (more)

Did you know that Golden Knights and Carolina Turbo XP both scored team record averages in Eloy?
posted: Nov 15th, 2015 The USPA Nationals 2015 featured once again the duel for Open Class bronze medals between Golden Knights and Carolina Turbo XP, which has taken place right behind the two top teams, Arizona Airspeed and SDC Rhythm XP, in the past years. It was not always like that. Both teams competed together in the Open Class for the first time at the USPA Nationals 2011, where they placed 8th (Golden Knights) and 10th (Turbo). A year later, they finished in 3rd (Golden Knights) and 6th (Turbo) place. They were finally locked into their 3rd and 4th places at the USPA Nationals 2013, which has not changed... (more)

Did you know that two teams at the 2nd Flyspot Open are also in the Top 10 indoor world rankings in 4-way Women?
posted: Nov 14th, 2015 The 2nd Flyspot Polish Open 2015 is in full swing and offers an interesting and probably unique situation in the AAA/Open Class competition. Three teams are competing in this category, and none of the competitors is male. The AAA Class competition is exclusively a female affair between three teams who had also attended the 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships - in 4-way Women. The ranking order between the same three teams has not changed, and the scoring level is quite similar so far, even though No Mercy has moved closer to Les Stunts from Belgium. However, five more rounds are... (more)

Did you know that Dan BC scored 35 points with the Golden Knights 8-way team in Eloy?
posted: Nov 13th, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News goes back to the aftermath of the USPA Nationals 2015. The 8-way competition at the event included the historical Round 1, where the Golden Knights eventually set a new world record for a single round with the 32-pointer for the fastest sequence (N,E,D,16) of the 10-round draw. The previous 31-pointer by the Golden Knights was 18 years old and posted at the world meet in Turkey 1997. The 31-pointer of 1997 survived several challenges by French national 8-way lineups and the Golden Knights over the years. The new 2015 lineup of the US Army team eventually broke... (more)

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