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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that the Heartbeat Skydive Team cashed in on the ISR Stimulation Prize?
posted: Oct 13th, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News introduced on July 12th the Dutch Rookie Class team Heartbeat, who had won the "ISR Stimulation Prize" at the Tomscat Trophy this year. The Heartbeat Skydive Team eventually cashed in the prize, 30 minutes of free flying time at Indoor Skydive Roosendaal, including free Thunder ISR coaching, in October. It was a big event for the Dutch Rookie Class team, as it also launched its move into the A Class competition with the indoor training camp in October. The Heartbeat members made their first skydive between 2010 and 2013 and have known only the Rookie Class... (more)

Did you know that the field of teams for the indoor world meet is complete?
posted: Oct 12th, 2015 The next major international event is coming up soon, the 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships. Host is the Hurricane Factory in Prague, Czech Republic. The International Parachuting Commission (IPC) of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI - World Air Sports Federation) had just assigned the skydiving center in Prostejov (Czech Republic) as the host for last year's World Championship of Formation Skydiving. FAI/IPC followed up by inviting their member federations once again to a world championship in the Czech Republic, this time in Prague. It is the first indoor world... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Dallas passed iFLY Seattle on the ICL 2015 leaderboard?
posted: Oct 12th, 2015 SkyVenture Montreal was the last Indoor Cloud League team to submit videos and scores for the September leaderboard, which is finally complete. Jan Klapka's Sportflight team at the Hurricane Factory in Prague claimed the highscores in three categories (AAA - AA - A). The Bad Boys have now posted the highest AAA and AA scores for three consecutive months. SkyVenture Montreal was able to keep up with the Czech national 4-way team earlier this year and now even missed scores at all for the two top categories last month. However, Richard Bisson and his Slim Jim lineup posted the highscore for... (more)

Did you know that Black Cat still has a very busy 2015 schedule?
posted: Oct 11th, 2015 The early Sun Path Products NSL News preview of the FAI World Cup 2015 on July 13th reported that Russia would send a strong delegation to the competition in Teuge. It turned out that the Russian delegation would actually be the largest one in Formation Skydiving competition. Russia was the only country with the maximum number of four teams in the 4-way Open Class competition, and there were also Russian teams in the three other FS categories: Infra Red Band in 4-way Women, Tanay in 8-way, Vertical Flystation and UFO in 4-way VFS. It was not only the number of teams that made Russia the second... (more)

Did you know that four world champions have to fix a serious problem for the Clash of Champions?
posted: Oct 9th, 2015 The Clash of Champions at Inflight Dubai at the end of November will feature the second direct confrontation between NMP-PCH Hayabusa and Arizona Airspeed this year, who will then both follow up with ten outdoor rounds at the World Air Games. Hayabusa won the first duel between the two current lineups at the Wind Games 2015, and both teams have not been at the same place and the same time ever since. The double-header in Dubai will pay back for the long break. Both events have very different formats. Only a limited number of invited national teams will compete at the World Air Games, while... (more)

Did you know that Spaceland Lite needed creative engineering for Block 10 at the Dallas Super Cup?
posted: Oct 8th, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News covered the two main 4-way events in Texas, the Texas Shootout in July, and the Dallas Super Cup in September, with a few updates. Both events introduced several of the 4-way teams from Texas who will compete later this month at the USPA Nationals 2015. The Sun Path Products NSL News will report live from the event site at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Teams from Texas usually end up in USPA medal positions of the AAA/Advanced Class and the AA/Intermediate Class. The currently two strongest teams from Texas, Dallas 350 and Spaceland Lite, have won their USPA medals... (more)

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