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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that a 2nd Generation of 4-way competitors comes from the Blue Sky Ranch?
posted: Mar 14th, 2016 The Gold lineup of the Golden Knights dominated the 4-way AAA/Open Class competition at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2016 with eight highscores in ten rounds. However, the winner of the AA/Intermediate Class did not even allow another team to tie the score for any of the ten rounds, and 2nd Generation finished 35 points ahead of the team in 2nd place. The Sun Path Products NSL News was surely interested in finding out who is behind the team name and the 20.5 average, and the team accepted the NSL Talk invitation at Paraclete XP. The live interview took place right before the award ceremony... (more)

Did you know that Mortal Enemies scored for iFLY Orlando at Paraclete XP?
posted: Mar 13th, 2016 iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League team came back together a week after posting the first scores of the month on March 2nd, followed by Suffolk Sabotage at iFLY Virginia Beach a day later. Two lineups were practicing individual and 4-way skills on March 2nd and could contribute official scores only for four of the six categories. The iFLY Orlando team had four lineups last week and added the missing scores and videos while improving some of the previously posted results. Only the R and RR scores survived last week's challenge. Bob Byrne, Amer Kassas and Lee Perera had Bob Palatka in the lineup... (more)

Did you know that SDC Rhythm XP had a very promising start into the new team cycle?
posted: Mar 12th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News goes back to the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2016 after the excursion to France. The indoor competition in Raeford was a showcase for the Golden Knights, who won the 8-way competition, took the first two places in 4-way Open and the 2nd place in 4-way VFS. However, there were many other interesting battles and stories, and the Sun Path Products NSL News continues with a topic that could actually be the most interesting one of the event. SDC Rhythm XP and Perris Fury ended up behind the two Golden Knights teams (Gold - GKF4) and were in a similar situation.... (more)

Did you know that Aerokart Deep Blue competed with a 6-way team in 2011 and with 5-ways in 2015 and last weekend?
posted: Mar 11th, 2016 There is always room for a Deep Blue update, and the Sun Path Products NSL News now follows up on yesterday's coverage of the Aerokart Boot Comp 2016. This year's team name is Aerokart Deep Blue Mothers. It is no news for the Sun Path Products NSL News audience that the 2010 world champions in 4-way Women have consistently worked on growing the Deep Blue family. The last story on August 12th, 2015, introduced the four original members as mothers. Last weekend's lineup was not the original one though. Inside Center Berangere Duplouy was not available, and Deep Blue had to find an adequate... (more)

Did you know that half of the U.S. and French 8-way teams both competed in 4-way last weekend?
posted: Mar 10th, 2016 While many of the U.S. 4-way teams and several French 8-way competitors were in Raeford last weekend for the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2016, French 4-way competitors had their own indoor meet in Paris, the Aerokart Boot Competition 2016. Both events were connected indirectly in a special way. The Golden Knights had split up their 8-way lineup and also competed in 4-way. The Gold team consisted of four highly experienced 4-way and 8-way members, while the Black lineup included 8-way videographer (Brian Ray) and 8-way alternate (David Flynn). The Aerokart competition did not include... (more)

Did you know that the World Challenge 2016 includes UK's official qualification for the next indoor world meet?
posted: Mar 9th, 2016 The aftermath of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2016 comes along with previews of the Shamrock Showdown 2016 and the World Challenge 2016. The number of teams for the World Challenge keeps growing as usual, and the pre-leaderboard has a significant size by now. The Qatar Tigers have officially signed up for the event and change the SKYLEAGUE.COM power rankings on the top part of the AAA Class leaderboard. The Sun Path Products NSL News will update the power rankings in all categories very soon. The 4-way Women competition will feature a very strong field this year. The Golden Knights... (more)

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