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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that HF Flying Circus caught up with CZ Ladies at the team's first AAA Class meet?
posted: Nov 14th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News mentioned with Saturday's Indoor Cloud League update from iFLY Orlando that the 4-way teams of the Czech Republic came together at the Hurricane Factory on Wednesday last week to launch their indoor winter season with the first 10-round meet. As usual, the indoor meets in the Czech Republic also include the 4-way juniors, who cannot appear on the outdoor leaderboards. However, the names of at least two Czech junior teams are well known by now, as they have also competed at international events where the rest of the 4-way competition world attended. HF Junior... (more)

Did you know that an iFLY Orlando ICL team will challenge iFLY Seattle on NWSL home turf?
posted: Nov 12th, 2016 Last week had a busy indoor agenda. The Czech teams launched their winter season of the European Tunnel League (ETL) with a 10-round meet at the Hurricane Factory on Wednesday, and iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League team posted new scores for the November sequences after the FSL Tunnel Kicker event on Thursday. The iFLY Orlando team was still short of a score and video for the AAA Class sequence after the first event on November 3rd and added a 17-pointer to this month's total. Cathy Luo joined the AAA Class lineup in a new slot (Tail) after her previous events as the Outside Center for AA Class... (more)

Did you know that Russia has a successful history in hosting big events?
posted: Nov 11th, 2016 Old Cold War, new Cold War, Putin and Trump, Russian Cyber Attacks, Syria - gosh, you could really get scared when the word "Russia" comes up. Now, have you ever met Russian skydivers? Or have you even visited Russia? I am in Siberia as I am writing this, and I am still alive. Yes, I took my chances and got myself a visa and a ticket to once again check out the United States' "biggest enemy" on the planet - at least according to the mainstream media and the government propaganda in the western countries. Well, it's not my first trip to Russia, so I knew better anyway. I attended a 4-way competition... (more)

Did you know that NMP PCH HayaBusa adds 8-way competition to their agenda?
posted: Nov 10th, 2016 It was on September 14th when the Sun Path Products NSL News uploaded the last live NSL Talk with NMP PCH HayaBusa. The conversation took place in the middle of the FAI Mondial 2016 and before the Belgian national 4-way team won the second set of FAI gold medals. HayaBusa moved on to win the next FAI gold medals a month later at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2016 at Flyspot in Poland, which concluded the 2016 competition season. However, the Belgians did not rest for too long after the last competition. Another month later it was time to begin with the first preparations for the 2017 season with... (more)

Did you know that Markus Bastuck and Jorn Thiele are the new Airbus members?
posted: Nov 9th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on October 30th that the German team AtomiX YUU will have a new Inside Center next year. The same story mentioned that Germany's national 4-way Open Class team at the FAI Mondial 2016, Airbus, is facing personnel changes for the new competition season, as well. Airbus has finalized the plans for next year and confirmed the new lineup. The two new team members are Markus Bastuck and Jorn Thiele of the former German national 4-way team Paratec-Saar. The Airbus lineup at the Mondial 2016 was formed at the end of the 2012 season when Thomas Mack and Christian... (more)

Did you know that Jan Klapka is the SKYDIVER OF THE YEAR 2015?
posted: Nov 8th, 2016 Skydiving Magazine's founder Mike Truffer had created the SKYDIVER OF THE YEAR award many years before he discontinued editing the very popular magazine and before dying in a skydiving accident in 2013. Mike Truffer had rewarded skydivers with the trophy who contributed in special ways to the sport. His Skydiving Magazine partner Sue Clifton decided in 2015 to donate the remaining Skydiver of the Year trophies to the National Skydiving League. She did not have any requirements for the future use of the awards and left the new purpose up to the NSL. The NSL decided to follow Mike Truffer's... (more)

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