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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that there was a lot of movement in the Indoor Cloud League 2016 rankings?
posted: May 8th, 2016 The April leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League is finally complete, even though some of the videos are still missing. However, it is once again a new record leaderboard in the ICL history, with scores and videos from eleven different locations and teams. The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on May 3rd how UK top team 4mula left all other AAA Class teams in the dust after a world class performance at Bodyflight Bedford. Of course, 4mula made it into the ICL BEST OF APRIL video. The new Bad Boys lineup shared the highscore for the AA Class sequence with iFLY Houston's team (Katrina Shows,... (more)

Did you know that TurBu 2.0 had a colorful lineup at the Shamrock Showdown?
posted: May 6th, 2016 The aftermath of the Shamrock Showdown 2016 was not complete when the World Challenge 2016 began to take most of the Sun Path Products NSL News attention at the end of March. The Shamrock Showdown has always attracted high-profile pick-up teams who use the opportunity to compete side by side with the best teams in the world. This time, Nick Grillet, James Klinge, Martin Lemay and Ben Liston joined forces with the TurBu 2.0 lineup. Nick Grillet was a member of Carolina Turbo XP in 2014 and 2015 (Andrew Happick, Doug Barron, Joey Freeman). Turbo was on a steep progression curve ever since the... (more)

Did you know that 4-way junior Kalle Pohjola moved from Tail to Point?
posted: May 5th, 2016 The A Class leaderboard of the World Challenge 2016 was the most diversified and literally the most colorful one. The Sun Path Products NSL News added the color red to the leaderboard that was posted with the story on April 12th. The first three colors helped to identify the A Class teams by gender (all-male: blue, all-female: magenta, mixed-gender: yellow). World Challenge 2016 - A1Pro Team ExtendedFI30.52PhoenixCZ19.43Brain StormingIT18.54One2ThreePL17.95HF Juniors CubsCZ16.76AlakranES16.37Aerokart Ak'demieFR15.88Offaly SlowSpeedIE15.39LevitationZA15.210Les Pierres qui TombentBE13.711AlateAE13.61299... (more)

Did you know that FLY-IN France is currently in poll position for the bronze medals?
posted: May 4th, 2016 The story of the Mondial 2016 bronze medals continues with the team that is currently on top in the poll results, the French national Open Class team. The defending bronze medalist from Canada, Evolution, is only in 3rd place after the first Sun Path Products NSL News article covering this topic. Satori XL is considered not only an underdog for bronze medals so far. It seems like the audience does not even agree with the British national team as a bronze medal contender. The Qatar Tigers are the actual underdog. There is also some hope that more teams might be involved in the battle for the... (more)

Did you know that 4mula left all Indoor Cloud League AAA Class teams in the dust?
posted: May 3rd, 2016 The previous highscore for the Indoor Cloud League AAA Class sequence in April was wiped out in the last minute. iFLY Orlando's AAA Class lineup had scored a 20-pointer in the 12-foot flying chamber last week, which tied the highscore that the Bad Boys posted earlier last month in the 14-foot chamber of the Hurricane Factory. Bodyflight Bedford, host of the World Challenge, now had the very last word with a world class 27-pointer. Bodyflight Bedford is the home turf for Joey Jones and his team 4mula, who took on the AAA Class sequence on Saturday, the last day of the month. It was the first... (more)

Did you know that the preview of the battle for bronze medals at the Mondial 2016 begins with Evolution?
posted: May 2nd, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News has mentioned the upcoming and potentially very exciting battle for bronze medals at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving at the Mondial 2016 randomly several times. Five national teams have been mentioned related to this topic: Evolution (Canada), Black Cat (Russia), FLY-IN (France), Tigers (Qatar), Satori XL (Great Britain). There was not much competition for the bronze medals at the last World Meet 2014 in Prostejov. Evolution was even dangerously close to Arizona Airspeed and had no challenger from behind. The situation will be completely different... (more)

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