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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that 12 female 4-way competitors won a total of $20,000 at the Clash of Champions?
posted: Dec 29th, 2015 The French FLY-IN Girls mentioned in the live NSL Talk after the Clash of Champions 2015 that they enjoy the combined AAA Class leaderboard where they can compare their own performance directly with the all-male and mixed-gender lineups of other teams. The AA Class competition at the Clash of Champions had unleashed the full girl-power on all other teams in this category and added to the female 4-way power statement that Golden Knights and French FLY-IN Girls left at the Clash of Champions and then at the World Air Games 2015, as well. The Golden Knights finish the 2015 season in 4th place of... (more)

Did you know that Golden Knights and French FLY-IN Girls had three different meet conditions in 2015?
posted: Dec 28th, 2015 The aftermath of the exciting Grande Finale of the 2015 season in Dubai is still not over yet. The Sun Path Products NSL News once again goes back to the Clash of Champions 2015 and a video clip that has not been posted yet. The ongoing battle between the Golden Knights and the French national team in 4-way Women, the French FLY-IN Girls, has been covered frequently and in many ways. However, the live interview with the French team after the completion of the Clash of Champions is the first one with the new lineup, and it was recorded before the next duel would take place a few days later at... (more)

Did you know that four Black Cat members completed 41 meet rounds within two weeks?
posted: Dec 27th, 2015 Two 4-way teams had the busiest agenda of all teams that recently attended both top events in Dubai, first the Clash of Champions and then the World Air Games 2015. Dubai's Asaar Black lineup and Black Cat from Russia both completed 40 competition rounds within two weeks. In fact, Black Cat was the only team with 41 rounds, as Asaar Black did not qualify for the Speed Battle at the Clash of Champions, where only the Top 10 teams were invited for the extra round. Valentin Ilin, Vasily Korotkov, Alexander Kvochur and Evgeny Stashchenko competed with Black Cat at both 4-way events and with 8-way... (more)

Did you know that Jetmax moves up into the AA Class in 2016?
posted: Dec 26th, 2015 Belgium does not only have the reigning indoor and outdoor 4-way world champions of NMP PCH Hayabusa, who have been catching the attention of the skydiving world in the past years. There are several other remarkable Belgian teams in the wake of the role models. Thunder ISR has progressed on parallel tracks after original Hayabusa member Sven Ibens stepped back to support the military career towards full time training and competition for his former team mates and current world champions. Eventually, Hayabusa and Thunder now even joined forces to form a world class 8-way team, as well. Belgium... (more)

Did you know that Andy Grauwels' NSL Profile follows a day later?
posted: Dec 25th, 2015 It would not be fair to hold back Andy Grauwels' NSL Profile for more than a day after publishing his brother David's career story first. Naturally, they have so much in common, and every story about Hayabusa would be almost identical on both NSL Profile pages. As Andy and David Grauwels' skydiving career story is mostly related to Hayabusa, the big question is what the main differences between the two brothers and their experiences and perspectives actually are. There is more to it than different ages and different slots in the Hayabusa linups. The new NSL Profile of Andy Grauwels provides... (more)

Did you know that David Grauwels has the first Belgian NSL Profile?
posted: Dec 24th, 2015 NMP PCH Hayabusa is the reigning indoor and outdoor 4-way world champion. Brothers David and Andy Grauwels founded the team in 2003, together with Seven Ibens and Roy Janssen, and they were the first 4-way competitors in the modern history of Formation Skydiving competition since 1985 who took the gold medals and the William H. Ottley Sword for Formation Skydiving Competition - also known as the Excalibur - away from the French and US 4-way powerhouses. David and Andy Grauwels are the only original team members, who are still training and competing for Hayabusa to defend the Belgian 4-way top... (more)

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