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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that Tanay's 8-way lineup is back with two new members?
posted: Apr 18th, 2016 Russia is still the reigning 8-way silver medalist after outlasting France in a jump-off round at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving in Prostejov 2014. However, it was a different team that won the silver medals with a 17.1 average. Barkli in Prostejov had Leonid Kazinets, Alexey Minaev, Vladimir Pavlenko, Dmitry Samokhval, Oleg Shalamykhin, Nikolay Sukharnikov, Alexander Tychinskiy and Nikolay Vylegzhanin in the lineup, with Andrey Seliverstov on camera. Barkli did not come back in 2015, and a new team, Tanay, took over the 8-way reigns in Russia. The new lineup consisted of three... (more)

Did you know that France is back on medal level in 4-way Open?
posted: Apr 18th, 2016 The 4-way Open Class competition at the World Challenge 2016 did not only include the next NMP PCH Hayabusa winning party and the impressive performance by the French FLY-IN Girls. It was also a very interesting step on the road to a set of word meet medals for a few other teams. Gold and silver medals seem to be in solid possession of NMP PCH Hayabusa and Arizona Airspeed, disregarding the outcome between the two top contenders. However, the race for the bronze medals seems to become a most exciting one - which it was already in Bedford. The French national team in 4-way Open has been in... (more)

Did you know that two French national coaches are opponents at the Mondial 2016?
posted: Apr 17th, 2016 The NSL Profiles have a new career story on the ever-growing page of celebrities in the sport. Jeremie Rollett, currently coach of the Qatar Tigers, provided some personal information, and the Sun Path Products NSL News added the stepping stones since his first selection for the French national 8-way team in 2003 and his current job with the Tigers. Jeremie Rollett is the 4th Frenchman in the NSL Profiles, and it is pure coincidence that all four are former 4-way and/or 8-way world champions who became professional coaches when they were done with active training and competition in the French... (more)

Did you know that the new French FLY-IN Girls have caught up quickly with the Golden Knights?
posted: Apr 15th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News evaluated the recent indirect scoring relationship between NMP PCH Hayabusa and Arizona Airspeed when the news broke that Tail Thiago Gomes and videographer Justin Price are on Airspeed's injury list. Both teams met each other directly last time at the World Air Games 2015. A personnel change followed on the Airspeed side before the new lineup competed at the Shamrock Showdown 2016. The Sun Path Products NSL News used the results of teams who competed at the same recent events that Hayabusa and Airspeed attended (French FLY-IN Girls, Qatar Tigers, SDC Rhythm... (more)

Did you know that Czech indoor winter season is complete?
posted: Apr 14th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News mentioned during the previews of the World Challenge 2016 that the Czech Republic would have a large delegation in Bedford. It turned out that six 4-way teams competed in three of the four categories. It was not only the great participation from the Czech Republic that caught the attention of the Sun Path Products NSL News. The passionate Czech 4-way community, with godfather Jan Klapka in the Bad Boys lineup, also had a very busy spring schedule. Most of the Czech teams in Bedford participate in the monthly race for the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard. The... (more)

Did you know that NSL-TV features the Indoor Cloud League Best of March video?
posted: Apr 13th, 2016 The March competition of the Indoor Cloud League was completed successfully. Eight different tunnel groups posted their scores and videos for the six March sequences on the ICL leaderboard. Z-Hills team PreciZion was the first team with a new April video and 19 points for the Florida group. The BEST OF MARCH video features five different teams this time. It is no surprise that the Bad Boys from the Czech Republic contributed once again heavily to the Hurricane Factory account. The Czech national 4-way team posted the highscores for the AAA/AA Class sequences before traveling to Bedford a few... (more)

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