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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that the French national team in 4-way Open posted a new team record average this weekend?
posted: Jul 17th, 2016 The first outdoor scores for the very busy meet weekend came from France, where the 4-way teams finished up the Coupe de France event series of the 2016 season. The national championships at the beginning of August will wrap up the French outdoor competition season. The French 4-way teams used the same competition draw for the AAA and AA Class that all other teams have been using, as well, and the missing scores will be added to the overall leaderboard as soon as possible. The team on the top of the AAA Class leaderboard is the national team in 4-way Open who will represent France at the... (more)

Did you know that Florida's ICL participants switch to outdoor competition this weekend?
posted: Jul 15th, 2016 The first July scores for the 12-foot flying chambers of the Indoor Cloud League are coming once again from iFLY Orlando. The Tunnel Kicker event on Thursday at iFLY Orlando was mostly dedicated to skills training, as the Florida group has been doing it since the beginning of the year. However, this week's participants eventually still joined forces in three 4-way lineups to perform five of the six July sequences. Only the AAA Class sequence does not have a scoring number yet. The slot-switching sequence for the 12+ leaderboard will become a part of next week's Indoor Cloud League event at... (more)

Did you know that Spaceland Lite mastered the sub-terminal Block 17 like a world class team?
posted: Jul 14th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News goes back one more time to the June 25 meet weekend before several events will probably create the largest outdoor leaderboard of the 2016 season this weekend. AA and Rookie Class teams dominated the leaderboard of the June 25 weekend, and Spaceland Lite was the only AAA Class team that competed at the Texas Shootout 2016. However, it was an important competition for Lite, as it was also the first outdoor meet with the new 2016 lineup. The Sun Path Products NSL News had introduced the new Lite roster on March 30th, after the completion of the Paraclete XP Indoor... (more)

Did you know that the 4-way dive pool could be total control or anarchy?
posted: Jul 13th, 2016 All right, I have indulged myself for too long on topics I really enjoy chatting away about. It is time to get serious again, at least for a little while - to be precise: for one time this year. Our government in skydiving competition, the International Parachuting Commission (IPC) of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), meets once a year to make important decisions for the sport. This year, IPC delegates from all participating countries traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, for the annual meeting. Frankfurt is also home of the current IPC President, Dr. Rainer "EXI" Hoenle, a former... (more)

Did you know that Czech team Impact and Dutch team Dimension went neck to neck at both team's first AA Class outdoor meet?
posted: Jul 12th, 2016 The AAA Class and A Class teams on the July 2 weekend received their deserved attention after great participation and competition in both categories. However, three teams from the Czech Republic and two teams from the Netherlands also created a very interesting leaderboard in the AA Class on the same weekend. In fact, the AA Class leaderboard was the most contended one of all four categories, as the highscores for each of the ten rounds were scattered from top to bottom. The Dutch team 4igami won the AA Class competition at the Tomscat Trophy and finished on top of the weekend's combined... (more)

Did you know that the Northern California Skydiving League teams include a few family lineups?
posted: Jul 11th, 2016 The Northern California Skydiving League had the only U.S. meet scheduled for the past weekend, and the nine NCSL teams all competed at the Parachute Center in Lodi. NCSL Director Lori Connor posted a summary after the competition of the event. "Congratulations Teams! The NCSL's Meet # 2 was an awesome success yesterday at the Parachute Center, with everyone having fun while completing their scheduled rounds of the draw. We had 9 teams come out and participate, five Rookie teams and four AA teams. A few of the Rookie teams were pick-up teams that were put together this last week and it's... (more)

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