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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that Canada has a very strong contender for world meet medals after the World Challenge?
posted: Apr 5th, 2016 The discussion of the female 4-way category began when the competition was completed. Satori XL's Julia Swallow and SDC Rhythm XP's JaNette Lefkowitz participated in the podium discussion after completing their own ten rounds in the Open Class at the World Challenge 2016. The category in question had five teams on the leaderboard, while the strongest one, the French FLY-IN Girls, competed in the Open Class. They disregarded the opportunity to finish in 1st place in 4-way Women and took the 2nd place on the other leaderboard instead, with an average that was significantly higher (28.6 - 23.2)... (more)

Did you know that the World Challenge aftermath begins with the best videos and a critical topic?
posted: Apr 4th, 2016 The aftermath of the World Challenge 2016 begins with the InTime meet videos of the two teams on the top of the AAA Class leaderboard, NMP PCH Hayabusa and French FLY-IN Girls. Nothing was less surprising than the Belgian indoor and outdoor 4-way world champions in 1st place, and nothing was more impressive than the 2nd place for the French FLY-IN Girls on the AAA Open Class leaderboard. The only Hayabusa question mark was behind the actual scores. The 32.0 average is the highest indoor average ever in a 16-foot flying chamber for a 10-round meet. It is a fact that only Arizona Airspeed might... (more)

Did you know that NSL-TV features the top teams in Round 10?
posted: Apr 3rd, 2016 The World Challenge 2016 was completed successfully and lived up to all expectations. NMP PCH Hayabusa finished with a 32.0 average, which is the highest result in history for a 10-round competition in a 16-foot flying chamber and with the complete dive pool in the draw. There was no Super Sequence where the teams could possibly boost the averages, and it seems like the reigning indoor and outdoor world champions are on their way to raise the bar again by a few inches. The new French national teams in 4-way Open (France FLY-IN) and 4-way Women (French FLY-IN Girls) did not only have a great... (more)

Did you know that the French national teams deliver outstanding performances in Bedford?
posted: Apr 1st, 2016 The first half of the World Challenge 2016 is complete, and the AAA Class field is as strong as it was expected. However, there are still even more outstanding and extraordinary performances in this world class field that catch the special attention of the audience. On top of this list are the French FLY-IN Girls, who are once again stepping up their performance level in Bedford. They indicated with their move from the 4-way Women leaderboard to the Open Class that they are measuring their own performance not only with the female lineups and the Golden Knights. They feel and know that they... (more)

Did you know that the countdown clock of the World Challenge 2016 is ticking?
posted: Mar 31st, 2016 The action time at the World Challenge 2016 is slowly coming closer. It begins with the competition draw, which will be posted at 11 PM local Bedford time tonight. The flying chamber is naturally extremely busy at this time of the year. Many teams use the final days before the competition to get familiar with Bedford's flying chamber. Several teams arrive on Wednesday and Thursday and schedule their last training sessions right before the World Challenge. The Sun Path Products NSL News spent some time on the flight level and captured parts of the action with the NSL-TV camera, which included... (more)

Did you know that Canadian teams have a history at the World Challenge?
posted: Mar 31st, 2016 Not only the Canadian national team in 4-way Women, Parachute Montreal Fuzion, connects the recently completed Canadian Indoor Nationals with the World Challenge 2016. Fuzion have completed the transition from their home tunnel in Montreal to the 16-foot chamber in Bedford and fly their first training sessions later today. The new NSL-TV video from Canada shows the team in action with the eight rounds of the national indoor championships. Evolution, Canada's national team in the 4-way Open Class has made the trip to Bedford only once. The 2013 lineup, with Katie Woods in the point slot, finished... (more)

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