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Did You Know...

... that Ben Liston has to try again next year in New Hampshire?
Shmeland with Ben Liston
posted Jan 25th, 2014 - The headline sounds familiar. The annual Indoor Skyfest at SkyVenture New Hampshire is over. All ten competition rounds were completed by all 28 teams in the four competition categories on Saturday. VFS 2way teams and Freeflyers will have their turn on Sunday.

The latest showdown between defending AAA Class champion Shmeland and Minimal Compliance ended up exactly as it did last year. Shmeland won by two points after a rollercoaster competition. Both teams scored higher than in January 2013 and made it just as exciting in a different way.

They once again exchanged heavy blows, and Shmeland was only three points up after Round 6. The scores of Round 7 seemed to change everything for good, as the defending champion added six points to the lead and was ten points ahead after Round 8.

New Hampshire 2014Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA Class9,P,K,G11,O,H,518,N,616,10,D17,14,1521,A,J,7C,E,Q,B,KF,22,L,M3,F,O,A18,M,P,JTotalAvg
1Shmeland 30231915 20 244024242224124.1
2Minimal Compliance 29231717 19 233423292523923.9
3Fallout Reunion 24191615 14 213218192019819.8
RankAA ClassP,C,K,BA,9,DO,E,F,JN,7,H15,L,QG,6,M11,14L,11,HN,15,79,E,BTotalAvg
1Fallout 27253418 16 181214142220020.0
2No Strong Preference 20233719 16 17913152919819.8
3CT True Blue 21222718 11 181012122717817.8
RankA ClassK,H,ON,9J,E,7B,Q,LD,7A,J,QD,A,9P,H,MK,E,FC,L,9TotalAvg
1JPC 21182018 12 241925251619819.8
2Four Fun 16211818 15 151722211217517.5
3Shark Heads 15181615 17 221124201317117.1
1Half Half 11437 11 778913808.0
2Shortbus 7663 9 106979727.2
3Jumpin Tunnels 4321 6 63857454.5

Two teams and running the meet: Ben Liston
It was hard to imagine that Minimal Compliance could have a chance to come back after that. Eventually, and after two lost rounds at the end of the meet, Shmeland was happy to carry home the 2-point advantage with a 24.1 average.

The Fallout Reunion (Kim Hollander, Kim Schuyler, Bob Schuyler, Dave Grabowski) was rewarded with bronze medals in the AAA Class, and the current Fallout lineup also competed in the AA Class. Kim and Bob Schuyler added a gold medal to their collection after a busy 20-round day, with Dave Gifford and Hollie Reno in the lineup.

Meet director Ben Liston was even busier. He tried to defeat the Shmeland archrivals, while running the event. Then he also competed with his former Mass Defiance videographer Steve "Scuba" Feldman in the AA Class for Ride it like its Stolen. His AA Class team missed the bronze medals after a similar rollercoaster competition.

Ready for action next door this year: Surf's Up at SkyVenture New Hampshire
The visitors from Florida, Four Fun, ended up in 2nd place at the wind tunnel that they usually compete against in the monthly Indoor Cloud League events. Coach Ari Perelman had prepared Grant Underland, Erica Gorski, Gary Fox and Frederic Bonneville for the meet on Friday evening. All four members now have plans for the 2014 outdoor season in three different teams from Skydive City. The Sun Path Products NSL News will follow up on this topic.

The SkyVenture New Hampshire facilities looked differently this year. Last year's visit at the same event showed a construction area next to the wind tunnel building. The "Surf's Up" amusement park, with the "Fish Pipe", climbing wall and Tiki Bar was in the works.

All the dots and walls were connected this year, and the water was flowing during the competition - on the other side of the wall...

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