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T12 News

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Did you know that the iFLY Sacramento rookies scored high again in September?
posted: Oct 9th, 2017 The recent comeback of Florida's Indoor Cloud League team at iFLY Orlando will naturally add more excitement to the 12+ leaderboard, as well. The latest scores and videos from Orlando will not affect the September leaderboard, as they were posted for the October sequences. However, the other ICL teams on the 12+ leaderboard soon have additional opportunities to measure their own performances with others, beginning this month. Northern California's league director and ICL organizer Lori Connor said that she welcomes Florida back and can't wait to compare her group's scores once again directly... (more)
Did you know that the Indoor Cloud League had a strong comeback in Orlando?
posted: Oct 7th, 2017 It was in February this year when the Florida Skydiving League held the last Indoor Cloud League event at iFLY Orlando before the first vertical wind tunnel for indoor training in the U.S.A. was retired for good. FSL teams and competitors continued at iFLY Tampa with the larger 14+ flying chamber and still continued to post some scores on the 12+ leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League. The new iFLY Orlando tunnel opened doors later this year, and ICL fans on the eastern side of Central Florida waited patiently for the next FSL Tunnel Kickers and Indoor Cloud League events at the new location... (more)
Did you know that iFLY SF Bay posted the first September scores on the Indoor Cloud League 12+ leaderboard?
posted: Sep 11th, 2017 iFLY SF Bay's Indoor Cloud League team competed at its monthly Tunnel Kicker last Wednesday night, September 6th, and created the first ICL leaderboard of the new month. All of the teams flew eight training rounds in the first 1-hour block and finished with the six September sequences during the last 30 minutes of the night. The extended format at this NCSL Tunnel Kicker was enjoyed by five teams providing the new scores and videos. Two lineups performed in AA/AAA, one in RRR/A, one in A/AA team, and one in R/RR/RRR. NCSL team Meta4, with Julius Frank, Deanna Frank, Ethan DeLano and Jessica... (more)
Did you know that Northern California had a busy indoor month of August?
posted: Sep 8th, 2017 The 12+ leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League does not offer as much drama in the rankings as the competition on the 14+ leaderboard. iFLY Sacramento has been extending the lead consistently, and the scores of the August competition added more distance to the total for the 2017 season. Florida's team has been interfering in the 2-team battle in Northern California between iFLY Sacramento and iFLY SF Bay ever since they added the 12+ sequences to the monthly Indoor Cloud League agenda at iFLY Tampa. However, the Florida teams and competitors started posting scores and videos on both leaderboards... (more)
Did you know that the first August scores of the Indoor Cloud League came from Florida?
posted: Aug 19th, 2017 Teams and competitors of the Florida Skydiving League came together for the second FSL Tunnel Kicker and Indoor Cloud League competition in August on Thursday night. They formed four different lineups to take on the August sequences, while Team Simba joined the event with the complete lineup. As usual, the participants at iFLY Tampa took on all nine sequences of the month and posted scores and videos on both ICL leaderboards. Two different lineups for the AAA Class sequences created an interesting internal competition. Bob Byrne has been guiding and following the 4-way career of original... (more)
Did you know that iFLY Sacramento took the top of the 12+ leaderboard for July?
posted: Jul 31st, 2017 The new WTL July scores came along with Indoor Cloud League updates from Northern California, where iFLY Sacramento and iFLY SF Bay have been battling for the top spot on the 12+ leaderboard. The iFLY Sacramento team started early this month and posted the first three scores and videos after the NCSL Tunnel Kicker on July 13. The new update improved the A Class score and added the missing three scores for the Rookie Class categories. The new July total moved iFLY Sacramento up to the top of the 12+ leaderboard for now. July was a busy month at iFLY Sacramento with four organized indoor events.... (more)
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