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T12 News

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Did you know that iFLY Sacramento added the four missing scores early to the ICL May leaderboard?
posted: May 20th, 2017 May has been a busy month for iFLY Sacramento's Indoor Cloud League team of the Northern California Skydiving League. iFLY Sacramento was the first wind tunnel on the May leaderboard this month, with only AA and AAA Class scores to begin with. NCSL Director Lori Connor then followed up first with 3-way tunnel scrambles last week, where teams flew "pointless" formations, which were taken from the 4-way dive pool and eliminated the point slot. Lori Connor said that the participants had "super fun". Thursday night was the time for the first official monthly NCSL Tunnel Kicker where six teams... (more)
Did you know that both Indoor Cloud League leaderboards for April are complete?
posted: May 13th, 2017 Both Indoor Cloud League leaderboards for the month of April have been complete for a little while, while the first scores and videos for the May sequences are already posted. Paraclete XP's new ICL team made the biggest move on the 14+ leaderboard and went from 6th to 4th place in the 2017 standings. Paraclete followed up on the 2nd place in March with the highest total in April and defeated the Czech Republic's Hurricane Factory team for the first time. The iFLY SF Bay team still maintained the top position on the 12+ leaderboard despite a missing scoring number for the April sequence in... (more)
Did you know that Florida posted scores on both Indoor Cloud League leaderboards?
posted: May 1st, 2017 Florida's indoor teams and competitors had just as much a very busy month of April as the Indoor Cloud League participants of the Northern California Skydiving League. The April schedule began with the FSL Tunnel Kicker on the 6th where the first set of six scores and videos for the ICL 14+ leaderboard were generated. The April meet of the World Tunnel League followed on the 13th, and last week's second FSL Tunnel Kicker of the month wrapped up the event schedule. Florida's 4-way community is still on a hold for resuming the Indoor Cloud League activities at iFLY Orlando. However, the... (more)
Did you know that iFLY Sacramento's Indoor Cloud League team came together three times last month?
posted: May 1st, 2017 The Indoor Cloud League competition for the month of April is over, and the new May sequences are posted, while the April leaderboard is still being updated with scores, videos and stories. Lori Connor's ICL team at iFLY Sacramento came together three times for the first time last month. The previous scores were improved each time with one exception. John Verley, Lisa Larkin, Monty Stephens and Ron Ashcraft posted the A Class 14-pointer on April 13th and made it to the final leaderboard. Lori Connor reported after the first ICL event: "We certainly had a blast flying at the tunnel this last... (more)
Did you know that three new teams have joined the Indoor Cloud League so far this year?
posted: Apr 4th, 2017 Several new March scores and videos have been added to the Indoor Cloud League leaderboards, including the first ones in four of the six 12+ categories from iFLY Gold Coast in Australia. SkyVenture Montreal's ICL team posted scores once again on both leaderboards. 4Astrophe had Parachute Montreal Fuzion member Valerie Bisson back in the family lineup, after her March visit to Florida for the Shamrock Showdown 2017. Her younger brother Yannick competed for 4Astrophe and also for the Air Devils, the reigning FAI 4-way Junior world cup champions of 2016. 4Astrophe posted the scores for both... (more)
Did you know that iFLY SF Bay is two points ahead of iFLY Sacramento after two ICL 2017 months?
posted: Mar 9th, 2017 iFLY SF Bay's Indoor Cloud League team spent February building their scores across three NCSL Tunnel Kicker events. Team organizer and NCSL Co-Director Maria Garcia-Sheets explained how her ICL team came to the final total of 107 points, which brought the 2nd place behind iFLY Sacramento last month: "Faced with challenges, such as moving up in categories and flying aspirational sequences, fliers used focus, persistence, and humor to make their way through February's dive flows." She also explained how important the player and assistant coaches are at the Tunnel Kicker events: "Participants... (more)
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