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T12 News

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Did you know that Florida's ICL competitors celebrated farewell to the old iFLY Orlando tunnel?
posted: Feb 13th, 2017 4-way fans and competitors of the Florida Skydiving League came together most likely for the last time at iFLY Orlando on Thursday to post scores and videos for the 12+ leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League. The Sun Path Products NSL News reported the first Indoor Cloud League event at iFLY Tampa on 28 January 2017, and the new ICL team posted a complete set of scores and videos on the 14+ leaderboard. It is not only the new wind tunnel in Tampa that attracts mostly the 4-way fans from the west coast of Florida, especially the Skydive City community, to the Indoor Cloud League events. iFLY... (more)

Did you know that iFLY SF Bay had the best 4-way rookies in January?
posted: Feb 8th, 2017 The recent Indoor Cloud League update featured the video of all January highscores, and the iFLY SF Bay team had claimed two of them on the 12+ leaderboard. iFLY SF Bay also finished with the highest total of all ICL teams and took the lead for the 2017 season, after finishing on the top last year, as well. iFLY SF Bay's 4-way rookies were a big part of the 2016 success and contributed heavily once again in January 2017. The total of 91 points for the three Rookie Class sequences (RRR - RR - R) stands for a 30.3 average for each of them. iFLY Sacramento (84) and iFLY Seattle (83) had the best... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Sacramento started the new Indoor Cloud League year with 139 points?
posted: Feb 4th, 2017 The Indoor Cloud League teams performing the monthly sequences in 14+ flying chambers have been out-numbering the 12+ teams for a while. However, the competition is still as popular as ever and continues in the smaller wind tunnels with the smaller dive pool, even with ICL teams now posting scores on the additional and separate 14+ leaderboard. In fact, some of the teams have performed both sets of the AAA - AA - A sequences for additional practice of the block techniques. The Canadian teams 4Astrophe (AAA) and Air Devils (AA - A) from SkyVenture Montreal recently posted scores on both leaderboards. iFLY... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando and iFLY Tampa will post scores on different Indoor Cloud League leaderboards?
posted: Jan 22nd, 2017 The Indoor Cloud League 2016 season is over, and the iFLY SF Bay team turned the battle for the top spot on the 12+ leaderboard at the last minute. The December highscore of 153 points was the highest total of the year for iFLY SF Bay, and the 30-point difference to iFLY Orlando secured the 21-point victory (1482 - 1461) after the 12-month race. The monthly battle between iFLY SF Bay and iFLY Orlando was very close between August and November with a maximum 5-point difference, and the Florida team still carried a lead into December. However, the Northern California Skydiving League team systematically... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando still has four days to catch iFLY SF Bay?
posted: Dec 28th, 2016 The next Indoor Cloud League scores from California came from iFLY SF Bay, and they were no good news for the iFLY Orlando team. The Sun Path Products NSL News reported the incredible race for the top of the 12+ leaderboard first time on December 4th, after all scores for November were posted. The December competition is now slowly coming to its end, and scores from both opponents are on the current leaderboard. If nothing changes in the last four days of the Indoor Cloud League 2016 season iFLY SF Bay will have turned the 1-point deficit at the end of November into a 26-point victory for the... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Sacramento followed up quickly on the latest iFLY Orlando ICL December scores?
posted: Dec 27th, 2016 The iFLY Orlando team did not have to wait very long until the first scores from California followed the latest update of the Indoor Cloud League December competition. However, the newest scores did not come from iFLY SF Bay, the 1-point opponent on the 12+ leaderboard. Lori Connor's iFLY Sacramento team submitted scores and videos for five of the six December sequences. She said that her team did not have a lineup for the AAA Class sequence this month. iFLY Sacramento's NCSL team has not missed an opportunity to hold its monthly Tunnel Kicker on the 3rd Thursday of each month since May.... (more)

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