NSL Consulting Services


Because you may not know all the answers to your questions related to indoor and outdoor skydiving and other events in the sport. You may need help and advice for event planning, athlete or team sponsorhips. We don't have all the answers to all questions either, but we will tell you what we know and what we don't know. 30 years in the sport, 20 years of event management and 10 years of online services are a good foundation to provide valuable answers. Try it...


My name is Kurt Gaebel, and I will be your main contact. I started skydiving in 1980, attended my first World Championship of Formation Skydiving in 1985 and continued for a decade as an international competitor. I launched the NATIONAL SKYDIVING LEAGUE in 1997 and SkyQuest Florida in 2002. Skydiving Magazine rewarded my efforts for the sport in 2000 with the title of "SKYDIVER OF THE YEAR". The international NSL Network has now brought together teams and competitors from around the world on a regular basis for many years, and the journalistic outlet of the NSL at SKYLEAGUE.COM has been online since 2003. The latest project, the INDOOR CLOUD LEAGUE, was LAUNCHED IN 2013 and keeps growing, as well.


It's easy. You have questions and want answers or discuss any issues or plans that you have. We provide you with answers and advice. The conversation takes place in a live meeting, via phone, e-mail, skype, or any other form of communication that you may choose. You pay for the time that we spent together and come back with more questions or for more advice if you liked what you heard and got. You don't come back for more if you did not like it.


Sign up by clicking on the button and making a $150 payment to initiate the process and make contact. From then on, it will be an hourly fee of $150 for any of the consulting services.