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iFLY Seattle - AAA Class

iFLY Seattle

Members: Monica Aikens, Jay Alspach, Kelli Alspach, Michael Biederman, Laura Brown, Scott Callantine, Carolyn Chow, Jonathan Clark, Dave Correia, Deb Correia, Brittany Crolley, Martin Fox, D'Arcy Kaaua, Matthias Kaminski, Sopurkh Khalsa, Wilson Ma, Will Ostag - Instructor, Denis Pershakov, Steve Platt, Dmitry Rudchenko, Jason Salameh, Bill Selig, Michael Simpson, Steve Splatt, Cristian Trefault, Andrey Ulanov, Irina Ulanova, Erin Wenzel, David Zhang

General Information: Northwest Skydiving League Indoor Cloud League YouTube channel

There are no scores yet for the 2009 season. To see scores from previous years go to our archives.