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SkyVenture New Hampshire - AAA Class

SkyVenture New Hampshire

Members: Brandon Aaskov, Jeff Atherton, Eli Bolotin, Chris Civie, Sam Corner, Andy Costanza, Colleen Cusack, Trevor Donarski, Kris Lafond, Beth Lahr York, Masaaki Okumura, Erin Pena, Andrew Stack, Andrew Stone, Brian Touhey, Dick Tucker, James Yates

General Information: April 2013 lineup: Brian Touhey, Jeff Atherton, Chris Civie and Beth Lahr York (AAA - AA), Colleen Cusack, Masaaki Okamura, Eli Bolotin, Brian Touhey (A), James Yates, Trevor Donarski, Eli Bolotin, Brian Touhey (Rookie AAA), Erin Pena, Dick Tucker, Andrew Stone, Brian Touhey (Rookie AA), Erin Pena, Dick Tucker, Andrew Stone, Brian Touhey (Rookie A)

There are no scores yet for the 2009 season. To see scores from previous years go to our archives.