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Did You Know...

... that Aerokart Deep Blue is the 9th team to beat the previous world record?

    On his knees for his team: Aerokart Deep Blue coach Marin Ferre
posted Aug 2nd, 2010 - The French officials were a little bit worried before the fast sequence of Round 3 was on the agenda for Aerokart Deep Blue. They knew that especially the British girls of Team Bodyflight would be dangerous in this specific area. The demanding lead could have been threatened if the French team had a bad round.

It was no problem. Deep Blue was the 9th team that beat the previous world record of 45 points with a 47, after a 1-point penalty. It was impressive how Deep Blue avoided a meltdown with high awareness when the synchronization got lost once. The team hesitated, got everybody back on track and moved on. The video can be reviewed below.

The German team in the Open Class, Paratec-Saar, is not the only German team that impresses the competition. ISB Air managed to outscore the US team for the second time and is now alone in bronze medal position. A serious upset may be in the works. Germany lost two points, together with China and Russia, Spaceland Blue gave one point away.

4-way Competition - Round 3: Aerokart Deep Blue

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