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Did You Know...

... that the whole Lemay family has a busy weekend at NouvelAir?
JaNette Lefkowitz is posting Midwest scores
posted Jul 15th, 2013 - Things are moving once again very quickly on the NSL leaderboard. The 2013 season is in full swing, and the upcoming weekend will even accelerate the pace. A total number of eight meets are scheduled beginning on July 20th.

The scores of the Midwest Skydiving League were posted this morning, and MWSL Director JaNette Lefkowitz added last weekend's lineups to the team pages. Her meet story will follow soon.

In the meantime, the battle of the three Canadian female lineups with three different coaches has started at NouvelAir. The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 27 June 2013 how exciting the Canadian Nationals promised to be.

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Canada Nationals 2013 Rd. 1 Rd. 2 Rd. 3 Rd. 4 Rd. 5 Rd. 6 Rd. 7 Rd. 8 Rd. 9 Rd. 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 21,K,17 H,11,Q,10 G,20,19 L,4,N,A C,1,E,P 8,3,9 M,7,2 15,13,O 12,B,22 18,J,6 Total Avg
1 Evolution (CA) 21 21 19 22 - - - - - - 83 20.8
2 Fuzion (CA) 15 16 13 18 - - - - - - 62 15.5
3 Crimson Fox (CA) 13 9 12 15 - - - - - - 49 12.3
4 Torque (CA) 11 12 9 15 - - - - - - 47 11.8
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Everything on track for Fuzion
The scores after the first four rounds are actually showing a different picture. Fuzion, with coach Benoit Lemay, are in total control of the race for the female 4way title and the trip to Prostejov and the World Meet 2014 in the Czech Republic.

Fuzion has won every single round so far and is on the way to take away the status of the Canadian national 4way team in the female category from Crimson Fox with coach Thomas Hughes. In fact, Martin Lemay, with Torque under his supervision, is challenging Crimson Fox for the 3rd place.

The third Lemay brother, Twin Otter pilot Vincent, is only competing for his family team this week, while Katie Woods just came back from her coaching job at last weekend's meet in Toronto. Father Michel Lemay is back in the lineup and competes for the first time with the new Point. Center Inside Martin Lemay has to protect his injured shoulder and stays on the ground at the national championships.

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