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Did you know that iFLY Orlando added 31 points to the Indoor Cloud League November account?
posted: Nov 23rd, 2015 Florida's Indoor Cloud League team knew that the five lineups would have improved the scores that the previous group had posted on November 5th when they had completed the FSL Tunnel Kicker last Thursday at iFLY Orlando. The question was only how many points would be added iFLY Orlando's ICL account. It turned out that the scores were significantly better in four of the six categories, while the AA Class lineup added only one single point to the total for November. However, it could have been that one point, or any other one of the additional... (more)

Did you know that four ICL lineups scored for iFLY Orlando last week?
posted: Nov 11th, 2015 The November competition of the Indoor Cloud League begins once again with scores and videos from iFLY Orlando. The Florida team had a good October performance with 126 points and the 2nd place for the month. The 92-point total after last Thursday's event at iFLY Orlando is the starting point for the new leaderboard with new sequences. The AAA category has the usual 6-point sequence (B,11,N,16) with a slot switcher that affects only one piece this time. The AA 5-point sequence (Q,11,6) could also be drawn for a AAA Class competition, as... (more)

Did you know that iFLY SF Bay won the Indoor Cloud League October competition?
posted: Nov 5th, 2015 The final results of the Indoor Cloud LeagueOctober competition brought the wind tunnel teams closer together, as the 2015 leaderboard is showing. Jan Klapka's Sportflight team at the Hurricane Factory in Prague was not able to submit scores in all six categories. The Hurricane Factory and the Czech teams had a very busy month as the host of the 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships. The Czech ICL scores for only three categories allowed five other ICL teams to reduce... (more)

Did you know that the Indoor Cloud League features a world class AAA/AA battle in October?
posted: Oct 31st, 2015 Things have changed on the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard for October while the USPA Nationals 2015 caught most of the Sun Path Products NSL News attention. iFLY Orlando had the only scores and videos posted for quite a while. The end of the month has once again been filling up the leaderboard quickly, and there are very interesting lineups and videos to be looked at. Indoor Skydive Roosendaal is back with three videos and a total of 62 points for three of the six ICL October... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando added 23 points to the Indoor Cloud League October account?
posted: Oct 24th, 2015 The 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships was a quick and short affair. The ten rounds in all traditional 4-way events were completed in less than two days. The Indoor Cloud League competitors in Florida came together the second time this month at iFLY Orlando before the indoor world meet in Prague began on Saturday, which will be followed by the USPA Nationals 2015 beginning on Monday. Florida's ICL... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando launched the Indoor Cloud League October competition with 103 points?
posted: Oct 14th, 2015 The first scores and videos of the Indoor Cloud League October competition are coming once again from iFLY Orlando, where five different teams came together last Thursday to perform the six new sequences. Several participants used the indoor training as the final preparations for the last Florida Skydiving League outdoor competition of the 2015 season last weekend. The two R Class lineups included brand-new 4-way competitors (Noel Damouni, Christopher Goodell, Brian Shelley, Kanishka Perera) who had their own internal competition at the... (more)

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