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Did you know that former Rhythm member Rob Radez coached iFLY SF Bay's ICL team to 122 points for February?
posted: Feb 7th, 2016 Once again, the first Indoor Cloud League scores and videos have been posted earlier than usual. Hurricane Factory and iFLY Virginia Beach had opened the January leaderboard in the middle of the month. This time, Lori Connor's ICL team at iFLY SF Bay is the first one with scores and videos for the February sequences. iFLY SF Bay had finished in 3rd place of the Indoor Cloud League 2015 season, behind Hurricane Factory and iFLY Orlando. The Northern California team then outscored Florida's ICL team in January 2016, while iFLY Dallas and iFLY Seattle finished in 2nd and 3rd places last month. The... (more)

Did you know that team work is also important for the Indoor Cloud League performance?
posted: Feb 5th, 2016 The record-breaking January leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League is complete, and NSL-TV follows up with the BEST OF JANUARY videos. It becomes increasingly difficult for any ICL team to claim the highscore for a sequence with the rising number of participating wind tunnels. However, iFLY Dallas demonstrated in January that the team work of the whole ICL group with all lineups counts just as much as each member of a 4-way team. iFLY Dallas finished in 2nd place without claiming a single highscore. Only four of the nine ICL teams have at least one of the six highscores for the six sequences.... (more)

Did you know that the Indoor Cloud League had record participation in January?
posted: Feb 3rd, 2016 There are more connections between SkyVenture New Hampshire's annual indoor competition and the Indoor Cloud League. In fact, one of SkyVenture New Hampshire's locals has been participating with an ICL team since 2013. Brian Touhey has put together his lineups since the original indoor duel between iFLY Seattle and iFLY Orlando opened up the new league to the whole 4-way competition community after the trial period in 2012. He joined the Indoor Cloud League in March 2013 and submitted scores and videos for all six categories. Brian Touhey's first team in March 2013 consisted of himself, Jeff... (more)

Did you know that eight Indoor Cloud League lineups competed for iFLY Dallas in January?
posted: Feb 1st, 2016 The new year has also brought a few new teams to the Indoor Cloud League. The final leaderboard of January will most likely show a new record number of participating wind tunnels. iFLY Virginia Beach's ICL team posted the first scores, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on January 23rd, and iFLY Houston followed up last week with scores and videos for January. iFLY Houston is Spaceland Lite's indoor home turf, and team member Katrina Shows recruited the first lineup for the Indoor Cloud League competition. She had January Amber Taylor (Point), Diana Hu (Tail) and Debbie Hoffpauir... (more)

Did you know that new Indoor Cloud League competitor Nathan Taylor entered the iFLY Orlando chamber in his own way?
posted: Jan 30th, 2016 A few new scores have been added to the January leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League, which usually grows at the end of the month. iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League team added scores and videos in four of the six ICL categories and improved the AA Class score from 15 to 18 points. The total of 102 points places iFLY Orlando currently in 2nd place behind the Hurricane Factory. It was a unique month for iFLY Orlando's Indoor Cloud League team. The six scores for the six different sequences were posted by six different lineups, even though there was internal competition for the highest scores.... (more)

Did you know that DeLand Momentum's new lineup posted the first Indoor Cloud League scores for iFLY Orlando?
posted: Jan 26th, 2016 Florida's Indoor Cloud League team added the first scores for the month of January 2016 to the leaderboard. DeLand Momentum's new lineup had an indoor training camp at iFLY Orlando last week and included three of the January sequences in the training program. The scores for the AA and A Class sequences matched the first numbers from iFLY Virginia Beach, where Suffolk Sabotage also performed three of the sequences. DeLand Momentum prepares once again for a competition season in the AAA Class and used the A Class sequence for a warm-up session at the beginning of the training. The AA Class... (more)

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