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Did you know that the Czech teams posted a new Indoor Cloud League record total at the Skydive Arena?
posted: Mar 24th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 15 March 2014 how some of the 4way teams in the Czech Republic were warming up for the World Challenge 2014 with the indoor meets at the Skydive Arena in Prague. The March meet once again produced new record averages for several teams, including the ones who are registered for the indoor competition in Bedford. Jan Klapka, league director in the Czech Republic and Bad Boyz Tail, said that he would follow up soon with the March scores for the Indoor Cloud League, and he did exactly that with a big bang. The total of 175 points is a new record in the... (more)

Did you know that the Canadian Indoor Championships are at half way point?
posted: Mar 22nd, 2014 The Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship 2014 are at the half way point after four completed rounds. The Sun Path Products NSL News coverage included a live feed from the 14-foot flying chamber at SkyVenture Montreal, which will be set up again for the second half on Sunday. The situation is very interesting in two of the three traditional 4way Formation Skydiving events. Evolution, with team coach and former 4way world champion Shannon Pilcher in the lineup for Katie Woods, is in 1st place after Round 4, and there is nothing surprising about that. The interesting point is the fact that... (more)

Did you know that NSL-TV features the French national 4way team Volt'R?
posted: Mar 20th, 2014 The 4way story of the new French national team Volt'R begins with the 4way history of two members, Mathieu Bernier and Julien Degen. They both collected three 8way gold medals in 2006, 2008 and 2010 and added 4way training and competition to their agenda in 2007. The starting point was a 22.8 average at the World Cup, one point behind NMP-PCH Hayabusa with Luc Verstrepen in the Belgian lineup. Jeremie Rollet and Guillaume Bernier were the other two members, with Alexandre Pereira on camera. Mathieu Bernier and Julien Degen have been through all 4way ups and downs ever since, which included world... (more)

Did you know that Shannon Pilcher and Solly Williams discussed topics of the Paraclete week?
posted: Mar 19th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News continues with the aftermath of the Paraclete XP Indoor and Outdoor Championship 2014 before turning to the Canadian Indoor Championship 2014 this weekend and then the live coverage of the World Challenge 2014. Shannon Pilcher and Solly Williams took some time for a live NSL Talk on Tuesday, which was mostly a discussion of the recent events. The conversation happened just in time, as Shannon Pilcher was getting ready to leave DeLand for a trip to Montreal. This time, he is not only coaching Evolution. Katie Woods is not available for the indoor competition... (more)

Did you know that the Czech teams are warming up for the World Challenge 2014?
posted: Mar 15th, 2014 The 4way teams in the Czech Republic are almost done with their indoor winter season. One more meet is scheduled for the beginning of April, following the World Challenge 2014, after the completion of the March meet last Thursday. Three of the teams who competed at the Skydive Arena will also travel to Bodyflight Bedford, and they are in great shape. The Bad Boyz repeated their 18.6 record average that they posted in February. The Czech national 4way team will be the first AAA Class team to compete at the World Challenge. Only AA Class team Fast Arrows made the trip from the Czech Republic... (more)

Did you know that XL comes back to the World Challenge 2014 with the strongest lineup?
posted: Mar 11th, 2014 The first two major events of the 2014 season are over, and the next one is coming up soon, the World Challenge 2014. Four teams are completing this year's 4way Spring Tour between the USA and the United Kingdom (Paraclete XP Indoor and Outdoor, World Challenge) at Bodyflight Bedford at the beginning of April: NMP-PCH Hayabusa, Volt'R, VAF Warriors and Aerodyne French Girls. Fire and Voodoo attended only the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2014 before traveling to Bedford very soon. The World Challenge 2014 will even be the 4th competition this year for Aerodyne French Girls, who also attended... (more)

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