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Did you know that Germany has a 3-team delegation at the ESL Championship 2014 this weekend?
posted: Sep 18th, 2014 The Golden Knights continued their Formation Skydiving dominance in the traditional events at the USPA Nationals with the gold medals in 16-way and 10-way. Three sets of gold medals and the bronze medals in 4-way Open are exactly the same results for the US Army delegation as in 2013. In addition, another Golden Knights lineup also won the Advanced Class competition in VFS 4-way. The meet action continues this weekend in Europe where 23 teams have signed up for this year's ESL Championship. The Teuge Skydiving Center in the Netherlands is the host. Belgium has hosted the event in 2012 and... (more)

Did you know that Sean Sweeney's new Golden Knights lineup has raised the 8-way performance level?
posted: Sep 17th, 2014 Once again the Golden Knights did not have any serious 8-way competition at the USPA Nationals 2014 - just as it happened to be at the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving a few weeks ago. However, the drama came in different ways this time at Skydive Chicago. The Golden Knights missed the first golden opportunity for a new world record in Round 4 at the world meet, but it came back in Round 8 at the nationals, as the Sun Path Products... (more)

Did you know that Joey Jones compared UK and USPA Nationals from Skydive Chicago?
posted: Sep 16th, 2014 The 8-way competition is on the way at the USPA Nationals 2014 after a complete weather day on Monday. The Golden Knights seem to be ready to tackle the new competition draw with vengeance. The 26-pointer in Round 1 indicates that the world champions are ready to take on Eric Heinsheimer's 31-pointer of 1997. The sequence of Round 1 had three random formations and a block, the same situation as in Round 8. Sequences of random formations are usually slower than the fast blocks of the 8-way dive pool, and Round 4... (more)

Did you know that the Golden Knights might have a new world record opportunity in Round 8?
posted: Sep 15th, 2014 The 8-way teams compete for the first time in three categories at the USPA Nationals 2014, the same way as the 4-way teams are organized (Open - Advanced - Intermediate). 4-way Women had officially a separate leaderboard, but no team registered for this category, and the Golden Knights competed in the Open Class. USPA and IPC have no gender separation in 8-way, and Perris Moxie is at least one all-female team who will also compete together with the boys. USPA's new Advanced Class category in 8-way has not brought... (more)

Did you know that the Intermediate Class medal contenders have sufficient meet experiences?
posted: Sep 14th, 2014 The Battle for USPA medals in the Intermediate Class of the USPA Nationals 2014 is as exciting as it has always been in the past years. The winner seems to be settled, as Spaceland SPX5 is 12 points ahead of the next team eligible for USPA medals after Round 8. The Falcons from Qatar have won the last three rounds (6 - 7 - 8) and compete as a guest team. The same counts for Team Singularity. The Falcons have just resumed their training after a longer break earlier this year. Both Qatar teams at the USPA Nationals... (more)

Did you know that AAARspeed combines the oldest and the latest generation of Airspeed members?
posted: Sep 14th, 2014 The second half of the 10-round competition at the USPA Nationals 2014 is the slower one. Arizona Airspeed was standing with a 30+ average after the first four rounds, however, Mark Kirkby said in his last meet that it was only a fast start into the competition. The new Airspeed member, wo is actually just coming back after a 2-year break, Niklas Hemlin, is also competing at Skydive Chicago. He has joined forces with his Airspeed team mate of 2012, Josh Hall. Dan BC and Jack Jefferies complete the AAARspeed lineup. The... (more)

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