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Did you know that Craig Girard explained the Dubai Asaar situation on Sunday morning?
posted: Dec 1st, 2013 Sunday at the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship 2013 was scheduled for the 4way competition. Three more rounds will be completed today. However, the first Sunday update goes back to the 8way competition, as the Sun Path Products NSL News had the opportunity to speak with Craig Girard for a few minutes early in the morning. The 4way teams had to show up later in the morning, as the quiet hours of the early morning is the time when the Accuracy event takes place at the dropzone. Craig Girard is the first... (more)

Did you know that NMP-PCH Hayabusa came to Dubai with little training?
posted: Nov 30th, 2013 Dubai Asaar's takeover of the 8way leaderboard in Round 2 was not a random act. In fact, the young team copied the success in Round 3 and gains confidence round by round. It's a 3-point lead after Round 3, while Monaco and Tanay battle for the 2nd place at the moment. Coach Craig Girard is back in the active lineup after being only on the coaching end at the World Cup and the USPA Nationals this year. He had to step in when a team member tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident right after coming back home from the trip to Skydive Chicago. Craig Girard was not surprised by the scores... (more)

Did you know that Dubai Asaar 8 has the 8way lead after Round 2?
posted: Nov 30th, 2013 It is time to shift to the full live coverage of the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship 2013. All Formation Skydiving events completed at least one round on Friday, which was travel day for the Sun Path Products NSL News. Three of the four Formation Skydiving competition events have small fields of teams, while the 4way Open Class has once again the largest participation. The current leaderboards are telling the first stories, and only 8way competition was scheduled for Saturday. Round 2 was a very... (more)

Did you know that SDC Rhythm XP has transitioned from DeLand to Dubai?
posted: Nov 28th, 2013 The A Class competition at SkyQuest 2013 between Zunday and Pyro4ic was not as much a thriller as the one between Teiwaz and SDC Accelerando in the AA Class. Zunday was expected to be the stronger team and won. However, Pyro4ic tried to make it as challenging as possible and showed serious opposition in three of the eight rounds. Zunday came to DeLand with the original lineup, while Pyro4ic had to replace Point Grant Underland at the team's most important meet of the first complete competition season. Substitute Erica Gorski was able to help maintain the Pyro4ic performance and scoring level... (more)

Did you know that Earl Coggin left DeLand with tears in his eyes?
posted: Nov 26th, 2013 The 4way part of SkyQuest 2013 brought together the teams that could not get enough of 4way competition before the year is over. It was clear that the 4way teams would not set world records, as the Kaleidoscope Divers did with their 110way 2-point sequential. However, the competition was at least as exciting as it was to follow the bigways on their pursuit of world records. The duel between SDC Accelerando and Teiwaz in the AA Class may have featured a unique leaderboard situation. Both teams tied their scores in six of the ten rounds, five of them consecutively. In fact, it was even closer... (more)

Did you know that the POPS 60way world record sequential was a great SkyQuest warmup?
posted: Nov 20th, 2013 The SkyQuest week at Skydive DeLand has grown to a bigway week in the past years, as other events have been plugged onto the traditional event with BJ Worth's Kaleidoscope Dives and the NSL Championship 4way competition, which was originally launched in 2001 at Fantasy of Flight. The POPS members have started the SkyQuest week with their own bigway event in the past years on the prior weekend. This year's POPS bigways in DeLand aimed at the new bigway sequential world record rules, which also apply for any POPS events. Roger Ponce was guiding the 2013 group and completed the event with a... (more)

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