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Did you know that Monaco Vitalsea has turned the tables with the French Air Force team after four rounds?
posted: Jun 7th, 2014 The first scores of the new meet weekend have arrived from France where the first Coupe de France competition takes place in Montbeliard. The French teams compete in two different categories, and there is also an 8way competition with three participating teams. As usual, the French national teams are not competing at the Coupe de France events, with a few exceptions as guest teams once in a while. The French national lineups for this year's world meet in the Czech Republic (Venturi in 8way, Volt'R in 4way Open, Aerodyne French Girls in 4way Women) are in training at this point in time and... (more)

Did you know that AtomiX and Sky4s won the 2014 outdoor season opener in Germany?
posted: May 26th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News coverage of the new competition weekend begins with the first part of the Nord Cup 2014, which was hosted by Take Off Skydiving in Fehrbellin near Berlin, Germany's capital city. Last year, the first Nord Cup meet was over after one round, with Wolf Pack and AtomiX tied in 1st place. AtomiX then easily won the second part with a 12.6 average, after placing 7th at the German Nationals 2013 with a promising 12.2 average. Plans were made for the 2014 season and soon had to be put on a hold when bad news followed at the end of the year. Center Inside Peter Ingenhaag... (more)

Did you know that the goals of the VAF Warriors are very much in reach?
posted: May 24th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News update from the DFU Open 2014 on 19 May 2014 covered mostly the impressive performance of the pickup team 1814. The evaluation of last weekend's overall AAA Class leaderboard with teams from three different meets followed up yesterday with additional information, including the Danish national 4way team VAF Warriors. The Sun Path Products NSL News has... (more)

Did you know that last weekend's AAA Class leaderboard was in perfect order?
posted: May 23rd, 2014 The overall leaderboard of last weekend's AAA Class competition did not need any adjustments, even though the teams in Denmark completed ten rounds, while the British teams and Teiwaz in Florida were done after six rounds. The meet averages for each AAA Class team matched the combined final overall rankings of the meets at three locations. The international 1814 pickup team with the five 4way veterans were far ahead of the rest of the field, which was also quite clearly defined. The two Danish national teams, A-Team VAF Warriors and B-Team Aerodyne Steam, both placed behind 1814 and ahead of... (more)

Did you know that Phoenix took the AA Class top spot in the United Kingdom?
posted: May 21st, 2014 Last weekend's AA Class leaderboard was totally under control of the teams from the United Kingdom. The Danish teams competed only in the AAA and A categories, and the three teams from Florida had a hard time to keep up with the British top pace. Only Zunday's new lineup, with Point John Stares, was able to hold a place in the middle of the AA Class leaderboard. It was still a big move for Zunday with the team's first competition in the AA Class after two years in the A Class. New Point John Stares has only seen the Rookie Class competition sequences in his first years of 4way competition with... (more)

Did you know that Air Rush from Denmark won the A Class competition with 16 teams last weekend?
posted: May 20th, 2014 The biggest outdoor leaderboard of the 2014 season is complete after the scores from the 2014 season opener of the United Kingdom Skydiving League in Sibson were added to the scores from Denmark and Florida, USA. A total of 46 teams competed last weekend, and the teams of the Czech Republic Skydiving League would have made the leaderboard even bigger and more exciting with better weather. The meet in Pribram was canceled due to a very unpromising weather forecast. The A Class competition had the largest participation with 16 teams from the three different countries. Nine teams from the United... (more)

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