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Did you know that Venturi Maubeuge completed five 8-way rounds in France?
posted: Jul 14th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News provided a preview of last weekend's Coupe de France competition on Saturday. It turned out that the weather in Maubeuge was as bad as the forecast predicted, and the French teams got in the air only on Monday for a few rounds. The last test for the national 4-way teams before the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 was only a 2-round meet, while Venturi Maubeuge was the only 8-way team with five completed... (more)

Did you know that the pressure is on for the three French national teams this weekend?
posted: Jul 12th, 2014 This weekend's synchronized competitions of the international NSL Network include the second meet of the Coupe de France in Maubeuge and the third meet of the United Kingdom Skydiving League in Langar. The weather situation in the United Kingdom and France will not make it easier to run the meets, with 26 UK teams in Langar and 26 French teams in Maubeuge. A bad-weather front approaches Europe from the northern Atlantic, and the forecast for Maubeuge is not very promising for the weekend, while the teams in the United Kingdom seem to have a chance for a reasonable Saturday morning. The French... (more)

Did you know that Jan Klapka is dealing with a good problem to have in the Czech Republic?
posted: Jul 10th, 2014 Jan Klapka's Czech Republic Skydiving League group at the Skydive Arena in Prague was the 4th team that joined the Indoor Cloud League in June 2013 for the first time. It took Jan Klapka a few months to gain some momentum, and he had a very competitive group of teams together at the end of the year. His additional monthly indoor meets over ten rounds throughout the winter helped the Czech teams and competitors even more to build skills and experiences. The Czech group was eventually so strong that the Skydive Arena won the first three Indoor... (more)

Did you know that Shinobi actually scored 20 points in the last three rounds?
posted: Jul 7th, 2014 The leaderboard of last weekend's international competition between teams in the Netherlands and Canada will require a few adjustments, due to the different numbers of rounds. However, only the A Class leaderboard of the Dutch Nationals 2014 alone is interesting enough after an unofficial adjustment. The Sun Path Products NSL News mentioned yesterday that the three 0-pointers for Shinobi in the last three rounds were not caused by exit funnels, video malfunctions or missing the jump plane. Shinobi accepted the 0-pointers as the better choice than dropping completely off the leaderboard. However,... (more)

Did you know that half of the Dutch national 8-way team won the 4-way competition?
posted: Jul 6th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News story on 4 July 2014 mentioned that the Tomscat Trophy in the Netherlands is usually the bigger event than the national championships, which took place this weekend. This special situation was confirmed once again this year, as 18 teams in four categories had attended the Tomscat Trophy, while eight teams competed in two categories this weekend. Once again, the AAA Class winner was not the Dutch national team of 2014,... (more)

Did you know that Creeps won the ISR Stimulation Prize at the Tomscat Trophy 2014?
posted: Jul 4th, 2014 The Dutch Nationals 2014 take place this weekend in the Netherlands, and the Sun Path Products NSL News goes back one more time to the Tomscat Trophy 2014, which has been the biggest 4-way competition in the Netherlands for many years. Thunder ISR won the AAA Class competition with a new team record average, as the story on 14 June 2014 reported. Thunder did not have much competition in this category, however, there was a very interesting situation... (more)

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