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Did you know that 4'Aclysme with Katie Woods has the current AAA and AA Class highscores?
posted: Aug 23rd, 2014 The Indoor Cloud League is off to the most promising start for the month of August in the history of the new league project. The ICL leaderboard is showing significantly more scores and videos early this month compared to all previous competitions. Of the currently participating groups, only iFLY Seattle and iFLY SF Bay have not submitted their data yet. They are regulars, and August 2014 could become the new record month with more scores and videos than ever. A big move was the second time that SkyVenture Montreal has a complete set of... (more)

Did you know that Golden Knights and French Girls are tied in 1st place?
posted: Aug 22nd, 2014 The situation of the current poll results in 4-way Women for the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 is very different compared to the 4-way Open Class. There are question marks and contradictions all around this upcoming competition in Prostejov. The Golden Knights are the team with the same lineup in the last four years, while the French national team started with two new members in 2013. This should bring the same advantage to the US national team as it does for NMP-PCH Hayabusa in the 4-way Open Class. However,... (more)

Did you know that NMP-PCH Hayabusa is far ahead in the 4-way Open Class polls?
posted: Aug 21st, 2014 Round 1 of the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 is scheduled for next Tuesday, August 26th. The latest 2-year cycle comes to its conclusion in Prostejov, Czech Republic. The Sun Path Products NSL News has launched the preview of the event with several stories, and the polls for the prediction of the winners in the four Formation Skydiving categories have been out there for a while, as well. The current results of the polls offer no surprises at all, and serious competition for the gold medals are... (more)

Did you know that Florida teams had an indoor/outdoor double header last week?
posted: Aug 20th, 2014 4-way teams and competitors in Florida had their latest indoor/outdoor double header experience once again last week. The Indoor Cloud League group had their first turn on Thursday evening at iFLY Orlando, and the Florida Skydiving League followed up with the August meet on Saturday. The indoor group had a very successful evening by improving the total score for August from 83 to 105 points. A different AAA and AA Class lineup added 10 points in those two categories, and a new A Class lineup turned the 16-pointer to a 17 in the A Class. Rookie... (more)

Did you know that Lithuania's national 4-way teams had their last test at the national championships?
posted: Aug 19th, 2014 Four 4-way teams from Lithuania synchronized their competition draw in three different categories with last weekend's sequences of the international SKYLEAGUE.COM network. Three of the four teams are not new to the Sun Path Products NSL News audience. Magic 4 is Lithuania's national 4-way team in the Open Class and will once again compete at the upcoming FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014. The SolarFlakes are the national team in 4-way Women, introduced... (more)

Did you know that Austria misses a Top 10 opportunity this year?
posted: Aug 18th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News recently updated the scores page with new results from Austria, where Final Fire defended the national 4-way title successfully last week. Final Fire finished with an 18.8 average, which is the highest score for an Austrian team in history. The 18.8 average, or any number on this scoring level, will most likely be enough to make the first cut at the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 and might even be competitive for the second cut after Round 9. Six teams qualify for... (more)

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